Saturday, December 31, 2016

Old things, new things

 Old Things:
 A pinning session to prepare the pineapple top for quilting.  As I pin I tend to contemplate the quilting design.  Usually I am inspired and figure out what to quilt, but not this time.  So I haven't made a start to this one.
  The water color banner was pinned too, so I will quilt it up first.

 The wild geese are just hanging in strips on the design wall.  I lost my drive to see them fly.  But they do need to get sewn at least into a top.

  The Therapy Quilt of circles is waiting on binding....I will cut that today.

New things:
  Sir Old Man was heading out  to the Big Box store and I hitched a ride so he could stop at the quilt shop.  My excuse was that I needed a  new pair of machingers---gloves for quilting.  My old pair has holes in two fingers and are bad!

  A few fat quarters became the second excuse......just because they were purple!  And all fabrics were on sale, I just had not shared that tidbit of information with him.

  Marietta always a stack of flat fold fabrics too.  This older fabric with coffee theme panels caught my eye.   A perfect size  for small wall hanging and a few snack mats.   Buy now, and make for gifts through the year😉.

   The new adventure is under cover.   I got pulled in by the thought of
the aroma of fresh baking sourdough bread.

  It is Catpatches fault.   Barbara has been sharing her adventures and breads she is working on.  Then she shared details of starting some sourdough starter for a virtual bake at the facebook group..

    My starter has died and could not be brought back to life.  So I figured it was a good time to try again.    The first few days were touchy and nothings seemed to be happening.  I decided to hang on and then got the bright idea to put the bowl onto a cutting board instead of sitting on the cool granite countertop.  That helped a lot.  This is now day 4  and I have bubbles and it has begun to increase in size.  Today I will discard half and feed it....mix and let sit.    Hoping to get the yeasty aroma soon.  Baking begins next week, and I want to have plenty to share with the neighbors that have been so good to us especially this year.    I also plan to save an freeze some of the starter via method that Judy at Patchwork Times shared.
Pat Sloan Block 2 collage   And the last new thing is one to share......The Solstice Sew Along with Pat Sloan.   She is offering a new pattern each week--12'' block-- and the goal is 25 blocks in 6 months.  Make all of them or make the ones you like, just be sure to download and save the patterns.  They are very good.   There is a linky too and it is good to see all the color combinations being used.

 And that wraps up my year of 2016.
  My word was Enjoy.....and it should have been persevere. Next year I will move forward, being stronger and the best me I can.

Wishing all a Happy New Year and health for each one.
Happy stitching.  


Dana Gaffney said...

You've had a long and rough 2016 so I'm so happy to wish you a wonderful 2017 and Enjoy! The light and dark pineapple quilt is so pretty I'm sure it will talk to you soon about how it wants to be quilted. The flying geese is so nice and bright if you've move on, you can always do a quick stipple and donate it, a child would be so thrilled to have that happy quilt. I can't even imagine going to all that time and trouble for bread since you can buy it at the store, LOL, but I make a mean slice and bake cookie although I didn't have time for them this year.

Ray and Jeanne said...

Glad this year is ending with a trip to the quilt shop - that's a great ending! I almost got into that Virtual Sourdough Bake but didn't. When you all post your breads, I'll be sorry! May 2017 be a better year for you. ~Jeanne

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I don't feel so bad, my gloves look like yours but no holes - need a new pair. Ha, someone else blaming Barbara - love it!! Happy New Year

Mystic Quilter said...

Well, you can both persevere and enjoy! Happy New Year!

Mary said...

I used to make bread and sourdough is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, if I keep it in the house I eat way too much. Nothing smells better than bread making too. (I don't think you were really fooling Sir Old Man. I'll bet he was tickled for you to go with him to the quilt shop.)

Linda Swanekamp said...

I wish I would have known- I got rid of my spare gloves as I have a long arm now. Love the fabric you have! Happy New Year!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Happy New Year Debbie to you and Sir Old Man. May this year bring you love, joy, happiness, and the good health to enjoy it all with your family and friends.

Barbara said...

I get blamed for everything! Glad your starter is coming back to life. Mine was nearly dead, but I think I'm bringing it back with only 80% hydration. Also, this morning I fed it without discarding any. I'm hoping that will be the ticket. It seemed as if I was discarding practically the whole thing. Now it's a little thicker. I'd like to see some rise. Don't know if it will be ready for tomorrow's bake.

Nicki said...

That bread is going to be delicious. I've only had started once in my life & it was a bit more than I wanted to deal with but the outcome was WONDERFUL! Happy New Year to you & your family. Your pineapple quilt is going to be beautiful. I love that block & your florals make it extra pretty. There's no better way to end a year than to go buy fabric! P.S. My gloves look like matter how many times I've washed them, they still look "dirty". :)

Louise said...

Happy new year, Debbie! I really like that coffee panel fabric. You're right that it will make a nice gift later.

May 2107 be filled with lots of quilty goodness for you :)

Cheree @ That Morning Latte said...

Lots going on. I've been meaning to try sour dough bread for a long time; I bought some starter last summer even. Guess I should throw that on the list of to-do's for 2017 which I'm working on. Pulling some yummy French bread out of the oven right now (to go with the beef stew my son is making) but LOVE sour dough! Will have to look into those links.

Andrea said...

Well, I for one really do love your scrappy geese! So incredibly colorful and happy looking. I love flying geese - one of my favorite patterns and I think you can make this a great quilt top once you're inspired - which I'm sure you will be, one of these days...let it simmer. Hope you enjoy your sourdough!!! I've never tried to make it, but I sure do love eating it!

You definitely did have "Persevere" as your secondary word for the year in 2016! Sort of like the passage in James 1:2-5 "count it all joy". May your 2017 be a fabulous "come-back" year for you! You HAVE persevered!

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