Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Been out of the loop

   I'm still here....just have been out of the loop due to internet connections.  Or actually the lack of a connection.  I have screamed/threatened/thrown fits and then just gave up trying to be on line.    We have had  a mess for almost 6 weeks but now they say we are good to go.  Fingers crossed/ rabbit's foot out and holding our breath to see what will happen.   If we get taken out again, I think I will move to a very far distant shore.  I can't handle such a mess.

   I have been sewing and keeping up with my plans for the month.  They were of a light load, since I knew it was tax time---very taxing time.   I kept my list simple.

 The on going, big project was to be the 9 Patch.   Notice a change.....I switched from an on-point layout to a straight alternating block layout.
   I will make a full confession here.....the on point layout was driving me crazy and messing with my visual mind.   Since the health issues of last year, I have noticed a problem with spacial thinking and visualizing things in my head.   I am hoping it improves, but have made the decision to give myself less stress and take the easier road.
   Permission grated......So change in layout, and I am going large on this one.  I was thinking of making two quilts with different layouts....nope.  Just one and no applique.  This one will be simple and plain, and  a reminder of those traditional ones I love.  So far I have about 8 strips sewn together and just pinned to the design wall.  I need a pressing session before I begin to join the rows.

  The rest of the circles from the Quilty 365 project are bordered and pinned.  A few extra circles were used to decorate the pieced backing.
So now it is ready for some quilting.  Hopefully, better photos next time I show this :)

   Saying Happy Valentine's Day.   This is my Valentine's candle mat from a few years ago.   The pattern  for the heart was pinned from Riley Blake.  Here is the post.
Update.....this link is broken or has been removed.  That's why I say to pin and download to save.
  Best plan of attack is to pull out paper and pencil.  Draw a large heart  (Mine is about 9" across at the widest point).  Just like the FMQ pattern....continue the swirl into the heart shape at the point of cleavage at the top.  The cut out portion becomes the swirl placed at the base.

  Happy stitching.


  1. Surely your quilting time is meant to be enjoyable, so smart of you to be flexible about your plans. Sometimes those skills and abilities we want sneak back into our grasp when we aren't straining so hard. The technology part, ugh! Here's wishing you better luck there.

  2. I've always had spatial dyslexia and it has only gotten more pronounced with age. Probably why my quilty 365 top hasn't been finished yet, on-point settings and figuring how much fabric is needed for the sashings and setting triangles is a big puzzlement. Anyway, I hope your Internet issues stay resolved. And your 9-patch will be nice whichever way you set it.

  3. I am not sure what my excuse is for poor spatial execution on a slant. I have to have it all drawn, numbered and take it one blocks at a time. Hope your internet gets fixed. I have Verizon FiOS which is not cheap, but is almost never down. They stopped putting it in though.

  4. Your 9-patch is looking good and that's what matters! ~Jeanne

  5. Happy Valentine's Day, Debbie! Your nine-patch quilt will be beautiful.

  6. So sorry about your internet connections. I know how frustrating that can be. Mine blinks off pretty often but for only about 15-30 seconds at a time. It's never consistent. I'm on Wi-Fi connected to DH's computer & he never has that problem. Arg!
    I love your candle mat & what you did with that little swirl at the bottom.

  7. We *just* got ours back on after 4 days. I have to admit I was enjoying the peace and having my kids' full attention...but I'm not sure I could do 6 weeks! The little Valentine's mat is just beautiful!

  8. Wise decision with the nine patch, keep things simple! Love the heart mat, such a lovely organic heart.
    I shall follow your advice re pinning and downloading, I have only just opened a pinterest account - heaps of fun!

  9. Hope your internet connection is trouble free now!
    You can't beat a straightforward 9-patch. Traditional is always good, in my book!
    Have you chosen how you will quilt the circles?
    Very sweet Valentine mat.

  10. I completely understand getting frustrated with an on-point setting. Sometimes I just can't wrap my head around them! I love the classic 9 patch layout and I think it works great with those pretty, fresh colors. Glad your internet is behaving today :)

  11. Here is a little "cheat" that will actually pull up the broken link!
    Lovebirds Applique and
    heart design

  12. Poor internet service seems to be the norm everywhere. We finally switched from DSL to cable after being told they couldn't do a service call for 10 days. Not sure the cable will be any better. As far as the nine patch quilt, it's your quilt, you can do it whatever way works for you. I've been doing Pat Sloan's Solstice project and decided to skip the applique parts and substitute piecing when possible. Nice to make your own decisions and not get stressed out.

  13. That's a traditional single Irish chain layout, I believe, and so I say go with it. It's looking great.

  14. Hey! I live at a very far distant shore, come here and I promise not to frighten Sir Old Man, LOL. Our internet comes and goes, today it's windy so it's very s-l-o-w, but really who cares it's beautiful outside. Have I sold you on the idea?


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