Friday, February 24, 2017

Stitching and delaying

  To continue the email/internet etc saga.  The last service guy came and spent 4 long hours, going over everything.   There is no real explanation for our problems.  He did change up a couple of settings, and  that has helped.  There is a port on the new modem that appears to not work properly..... intermittently.  So another one may be arriving soon.  Still no idea why the browser stops working or hangs up.....other than we have very slow speed in the area.  For now I am online..LOL.

   For entertainment and therapy.....I was quilting on Hot Legs for a bit this morning.  I have had this place mat  of plumes sitting for a good while, and decided to get it quilted and finished.   It is ready for binding.

  I moved on to quilting the rest of the circles quilt.  This is the back side, as the stitching really does not show much on the front.  I am using loose meandering curls in an all over pattern.  The center section is done and I have the border to do.

   I was delaying ....trying to avoid what is hanging on the design wall.  The long/very long strips of the 9 patch blocks.   All 14 rows of them staring down upon me.  Just hanging there, looking pathetic and undone.  It wasn't enough to get them all pressed---nice and crisp, they actually thought I should sew the rows together immediately.

    Please make a note to self:   There is little else more boring than to sew long rows of blocks together.   Good reminder......instead of long boring rows, assemble them into large block units.  They are easier to handle even if the same amount of stitching is required.

  I let lunch divert me after sewing up 6 rows......and I also noticed a charm pack under some papers.    I rarely buy pre-cuts, but I caught this on sale for a good price.   I love the blues and tans in the pack.   Of course, I had nothing in mind for it and let it sit on the shelf.
  Enter this pattern from Moda Bake Shop......with Orange Peel shapes!  So I am thinking I can expand on this basic design and have some fun with this charm pack.    I even have some stash fabrics that will work with this too.  A small quilt or table runner?
  And that has been my anxiety loaded week, and I realize the month is almost done!  I will be out of commission on Tuesday due to an appointment with the eye doctor.  So I need to review the month and see if I hit most of the goals.  That's the plan for the weekend......there's a free weekend marathon for the Mystery Woman movies.    So a few movies and stitching those rows up.
Happy stitching.


Quilting Babcia said...

Sorry to hear your Internet and communication system is continuing to give you grief. It is amazing to realize that much of the third world has faster and more reliable Internet than we do. The dialup service I had over twenty years ago was faster than our so-called high-speed satellite service is now. Your plume placemat is so lovely, and I can't wait to see the front of your circles quilt. Happy weekend!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I will be thinking of you on Tuesday as I have an eye appointment in Chicago that same day. Dilated eyes for many hours.

Mystic Quilter said...

I always enjoy seeing the movement you create with your plumes. Hope your saga with internet etc. will soon be sorted and all the best for your appt with the eye doctor Tuesday.

Gene Black said...

I hope your internet service gets fixed. That can be sooooo annoying.
The plumes mat quilted up beautifully.

Janet O. said...

Internet problems are so annoying, since we have come to rely on it so much in our days.
Hope it all gets worked out for you soon.
The placemat looks lovely. Do you feel you are back in the groove of your quilting, after your hiatus?
I agree about sewing together long rows vs. sections. One drawback of sections, though, is that it messes up the carefully pressed seam allowances and they no longer nest like they would have.
Looks like a fun new project in the works!

Andrea said...

Oh the joys of country living! Know them well - we have a locally owned telephone company - the only show in town. AND they have certainly been much better than the other BIG name companies in town. You actually get to talk to a real person when you call! I pray your internet woes are solved for good very soon. I new modem is certainly in order!!!
I haven't tried an orange peel, and I'm very curious about "finding" (shopping my stash LOL) some fabric to "try" them out for a small table runner? project - so will be very curious how your project comes along for you! I have a couple charm packs and 10" packs I may draft.

Will be thinking of you on Tuesday for an encouraging eye appointment!

Cheree @ That Morning Latte said...

As much as the excitement builds as a quilt builds, yes, those long boring rows do tend to slow me (and my attention) down. Probably just a good way to insure my house doesn't get too neglected ;).

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