Thursday, February 2, 2017

Some Plans for February

  I finished off my first month with a lot of scratched off items.  For sure there were several things from last year that totaled up the finish category.   I love using check marks and lines through items......a symbol of done!

     So a new sheet was printed off  and I  began to fill in the projects in the "Active Projects" section.  I listed:

  1. 9 patch
  2. Rainbow Scrap Challenge
  3. Bargello
  4. Rest of the Circles
  5. Batik blocks
  6. String blocks
Oh, no....more projects than I like to have in the sewing room.  Then I reconsidered.....three of them are leader/ender projects that will carry on for a while.  That leaves the 9 patch, bargello, and the rest of the circles to finish up.    That sounds a lot more doable for me.

  Then to plans for the month.....
  • quilt 2 table runners
  •  layout and assemble the 9 patch blocks;  
  • Border the rest of the circles and piece the backing;
  •  make the on-going blocks batiks, strings, and rainbow blocks.
  And there are the basic plans....a good variety and broken into small sections.  Some days I can only find an hour or so to sew, so having some small on going things  satisfies me.  When I am ready to tackle more, I have quilts to assemble, or prep, or add those dreaded borders or bindings to.    This works for me.  

   One thing to share that came across my view........Sew Some Love linkup.  Jo, a follower shared this with me.    Kat is doing a weekly link up to share our charity projects.  She says that anything we are doing out of the goodness of our hearts for someone can be shown and shared.  She also has  begun a local love project called Covered in Love.  She has a wonderful story of  how we can help.  And there is a monthly Block Drive for these you can find the pattern.   
  I know the effort it takes to create and present such a project, so I wanted to be sure and spread the word and get her some help.  I think I can fit in a few blocks for the month:)
Happy stitching.


Janet O. said...

You show such wisdom and restraint in your project plans. I wish I could mature into that. : )
My Mom only ever made one quilt from start to finish each year--hand quilted. I did not inherit that gene!!

Ray and Jeanne said...

Love your organization - that's probably why you accomplish so much! I need to go check out the links you shared. ~Jeanne

Nicki said...

Looks like you are ready to tackle February & have some good plans/projects ready. Thanks for the link on Kat's Covered In Love project. This just may be what I need for an ongoing charity project. I've contacted her with a few questions.

Robby H. said...

I like your worksheets where you can see everything together. Are they your own design or are they available somewhere?

Robby H. said...

Oops, you can reach me at

Dana Gaffney said...

Good to see you looking forward and making plans, I've been using my worksheets for notes on what I'm doing mostly, I'm hoping they'll help me become a little more organized.

Andrea said...

I like your work sheets too! Do you have a link to it you're able to share?
Doable and still challenging. My new birthday sewing machine arrives today -I'm sew excited ��! I think her name is " Lady Jai".

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