Saturday, February 4, 2017

Next up is the 9 patch

   Every where I look I keep seeing 9 patch quilts today.  So I take that as a big push/nudge from my quilting muse :)  And so, the 9 patch is next up.

  This photo is how I began thinking I would do the layout.  I was thinking of adding appliques in the plain squares or along the side.

    So I began sewing a few groups of 3 together and threw them up on the design wall.  Oops... I put them up in a straight set......easier than a diagonal setting.    So maybe I will do it this way.


   Then Bonnie Hunter shared this vintage 9 patch she found while antiquing.    It is on point setting.    Her photo that I snitched....please don't shoot me.  The link will take you to her post.

   All this to say, I am so confused!  I went to my Pinterest board for 9 patch quilts.   I thought I would easily, and completely, be sure which layout I wanted.  HA!    I have close to 90 blocks stacked up, so I may just make one quilt, and make more blocks for another.    I probably should stick with my first idea....that is usually best.

  In the mail.....a couple of days ago, Sir Old Man brought in the mail delivery which included a large red, swishy package!    One glance at the return address and I was smiling.  I had no idea what was inside, but a favorite blogger....namely Sharon at Vroomans Quilts.....was the culprit.
 A few goodies came my way....her guild's cookbook---which is already in service in my kitchen, a pair of floral (squeal:)  fat quarters, and a calendar from the Barn Quilt Trail in her area.  Love all things quilting.  And love special treats!  Thank you, Sharon.

   We are settling in for a colder weekend.....I think that's a good time to bake some bread between 9 patches.  Happy stitching.


  1. Nine-patches have been calling my name for awhile now. Any way you set them will make a beautiful quilt.

  2. My first quilt was a nine patch and rail fence set on point. Very cool design. The nine patch is such a classic block, it always makes me feel nostalgic, for what, I don't know. Isn't the straight set with a blank in between also known as a single Irish Chain? Another of my faves.

  3. Irish chains are always pretty no matter which way you set them, I say do what's easiest for you.

  4. I like the on-point setting best. It doesn't scream "9-Patch." And it seems more complicated than it is.

  5. I love 9-patch quilts. Either setting is good. If you are doing two quilts, I'd do one straight setting and one on point. Good luck deciding - I don't think you can go wrong! ~Jeanne

  6. I think 9-patch is a great idea for a next project! It's one of my favorite blocks. Ah...the aroma of baking bread. I can almost smell it here!

  7. I also have been thinking about 9 patches lately. They are a classic that always works. I think a modern one would be lovely as well, though that never seems to work out when you use lots of scrap fabrics.

  8. I like the 9 patch on point. Actually, I like everything on point but I seldom make quilts on point. Don't ask me why! What a nice surprise you received in the mail. Sharon did good making your day a few days ago.

  9. Just take your 9 patches and turn them on point. You can cut the side triangles later. I love to smell fresh bread baking.


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