Sunday, April 30, 2017

Cleaning up April

    With two quilt tops pinned yesterday, I finished out the lists of items to accomplish for the month. I didn't get the 9 patched quilted this month, so carry it forward.   I have the labels printed off and ready to border for both of them.  That's a plus!

   So I spent a couple of hours cleaning out the upper cabinet of the Hoosier where I have my ironing space.  With it empty, the guys can easily move it on sliders for the foundation repair.  And I won't panic over it being damaged.  Some things were tossed, lots of ribbon and beads to pass on to Sandy, and one box of items to keep.  I feel better about it all.

  I finished going thru books and magazines to empty the book cases.  Wow, I have 2 boxes of books to pass on, and plenty of magazines too.  I was proud of myself for only keeping 4 magazines!  Of course, I have a good stack of tear outs to sort later.

   And another find......three beautiful old hankies.  I knew I had some of these around.  Not sure if they were part of my Mother's collection, but probably.  I am looking at Pinterest for ideas on how I will use them.  Under consideration  are blocks to make a table runner, or three butterfly blocks for a small wall hanging.  They need a good wash before I do anything with them.

   For May, I am planning another light month.  Rather than not get things done, I hope I can do a little.

  •   Quilt the 9 patch top.
  •   If time, quilt the watercolor top, too!
  •   Second workshop for the Busy Bees.....prep the handouts and fabric packs.
  •   Work on the blended rail fence blocks.
  •   Continue leader/ender 4 patch units.
  •   Move the fabric out of the stash closet......for the repair work. 
I am making some bread this afternoon.  Happy stitching.


  1. Your plans for May sound more than busy enough. And it is so difficult to keep working with construction/repairs going on all around you. Homemade bread and a big pot of soup sound perfect for a coolish spring day, I should do the same.

  2. The hardest thing for me is to get rid of books and magazines. Congrats.

  3. Sounds like a pretty ambitious plan to me. Hope the foundation work does not interrupt you very much.

  4. You have a lot done - cleaning out takes time! Hard to believe that May Day is tomorrow. ~Jeanne

  5. What a lot of work you've been getting done, the cleaning out and getting rid of is great, but not that you have to do it and have a time limit. Ugh!
    I love things made from hankies and of course vote for the butterflies.

  6. You've been very productive and have a lot planned for May. Way to go!

  7. I know you will be glad you moved some things out that won't go back in the room after the repair. It is always fun when the move back in day arrives. I hope the foundation repair is successful.

  8. Oh, those hankies are gorgeous! Baking fresh bread, what a lovely idea!

  9. Hope all goes well with the repairs and goodness what a lot of books being passed on! Good luck with your plans for May - perhaps I should sit down and work out what I should like to achieve, may save me some valuable time!

  10. Cleaning out is so good for the soul! So why am I not doing it? :)
    I love things made from vintage hankies. Can't wait to see what you make with yours.
    I think your goals sounds reasonable--much more than I would get done, but everyone gets more done than I do.
    Oh, to be able to bake real whole wheat bread again!! I can smell it now.

  11. Well done on the cleaning and sorting. Hardly anyone ever says, "Oh please, can I do that?!" And those hankies are absolutely gorgeous. Such vivid colors to enjoy whatever you do with them.

  12. I look forward to seeing what you do with those beautiful hankies! Congrats on getting rid of some magazines. I did the same thing today (not my quilting magazines) by taking them to a local nursing home. They were glad to get them for their activities room. They said some of their residents would enjoy the ones with travel and family stories and pictures. I'm just glad to get them out of my sunroom! ---"Love"

  13. Wow, Debbie, it sounds like you will be keeping pretty busy. It will be interesting to see how you use the hankies. they are so pretty.

  14. Wow, Debbie, it sounds like you will be keeping pretty busy. It will be interesting to see how you use the hankies. they are so pretty.

  15. You get more done in a month than I get done in a year! What an inspiration you are to me.


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