Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hang in on the fence!

     Isn't this cute!  I saw this on Facebook at Quiltville Open Studio.  Apologies to Hannah, I think,  who posted it for stealing her can't pin from FB.  What a pain.  She hung her quilt block sign on a fence portion that hides the trash can!  I so love this.  Since I have a woodworker around I think I could get him to work on something like this....big grin! 

   I have been resting/recouping/ etc. from the second round of antibiotics.  It was not an infected tooth but a sinus infection that jumped up and grabbed me.  The dental work did cause some facial swelling/tissue damage that provided a perfect environment for the sinuses to flare.  Perfect season for it too....the pollen is everywhere and turns us all that yellow-green.

  In the meantime, the tree crew came by twice  and removed 2 trees and trimmed up lots of overgrown trees and shrubs.  I managed to pull a few weeds and trim up a small rose bush one morning.  I just needed to get my hands dirty.  
    I have made little progress for the month's plans.......other than sashing the watercolor blocks.  I hope to get it pressed tomorrow at least.  And maybe get the 9  patch pinned for quilting this weekend.  

  Just back from doing a trunk show for the Busy Bees in Fountain Inn....a large fun group.  I have been saving up energy for this.  It was a great time and big thanks to Sir Old Man and Tony Fig for helping out with the quilts.   The workshop is next week and it is full.  So I am really looking forward to it.  
Happy stitching.


  1. Sorry about you being sick. Never fun. Glad you had a great guild show, and that the class is full. That will help you feel better.

  2. I figured you were ill, as there was no postings. I bet your workshop will be great. I took a 3 day workshop with Sujata Shah about 3 hours away and am still recovering. I have to photo my design wall and show what I worked on. Hope you are on the mend. The sun Vit D should help. We still had snow falling on Friday when we drove down to Ithaca. Then it got warm and the daffodils opened. Then it got cold again today. Buffalo is always a surprise with weather.

  3. I love that fence-quilt idea! Perfect for a small scale area. Happy to hear that you are on the mend again.

  4. The pollen is getting thick here also. So far I haven't been knocked back by it, but I keep my allergy meds close.

  5. What a cute idea putting a quilt block on a fence. I have to remember that. It sounds like you are feeling better - take care and get all well! ~Jeanne

  6. That is a cute way to display a quilt block.
    Hope you can finally get some healing and feel better! I admire your determination--you just keep plugging along!
    What a beautiful iris.

  7. Sorry to hear you're back on another round of antibiotics, hope you're feeling better soon.

  8. I love that quilt block and they will be appearing on both of my gates, what a great idea. I'm glad the show went well and will the workshop, you've got this.

  9. Well, I love that quilt block. Very cute. Sorry to hear you've been sick...again! You've had quite a year.


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