Friday, July 14, 2017

Odds and ends......

  Class/workshop went great on Monday......and I have been recuperating from all the energy used.   The gals did very good and seemed to catch on.   No photos....I am hoping they will send me photos of their projects when done.    So on to the next items on the monthly plans.....the trunk show and talk for the Loose Threads guild next week.  I have been pulling out the quilts and wall hangings to share.

  Sir Old Man picked up the new computer software program for Printmaster for me.  A little time spent with it and I managed to get a couple of labels made and set up my new cards.  I exported them as a PDF to a file for ease of use.  So that's something else off my list....yay!

  Yesterday I caught the monthly education video from Handi-Quilter.    I now have ideas on what to do with my assortment.....remember these?  I have a drawer full of lace linens too!

  It featured Kelly Cline, one of the educators.  But wow!  You might want to see what she does with vintage hankies, and linens.  Here is her website....Kelly.  I want to share her photo....but won't as I don't have permission.  So go look!

  So now I have a lot of ideas swirling around in my brain.  Once they settle down maybe I can come up with a plan.

Rail Fence...have made 3 quilts in this design...just different colored fabrics. It is so easy and yet so pretty.
  Rail Fence ideas......I set up a board on Pinterest for ideas.    This is the Leader/Ender pattern of the year from Bonnie Hunter.  No size, fabric, or pattern required to join in.  I ran across one that sparked I may be doing another one, just smaller.
   And C&T liked Bonnie's idea for a year planner book and have put it in the!

Stitchin' Therapy

   Today is Cousins Day!  Not really a holiday but special to me.  A drop in visit from a couple of my cousins from Florida is planned.  They made a visit last year when I was in the rehab/therapy hospital unit and have stayed in close touch this year.  They want to view some quilts and see Sir Old Man's wood working projects, along with lunch of course.
  Since the worse heat of the season seems to have decided to stay on, I plan on hiding in the sewing room this weekend.  I have some small projects to take care of and a quilt for Habitat for Humanity that needs quilting......a good way to stay cool!   Enjoy your stitching time.


  1. Glad to hear the month is going well. We are now in NC and we are not liking this heat! Recuperating today from 8 days/nights with son and family. It was very easy to stay inside, read, nap,... If I was home, I would definitely be sewing. Stay cool! ~Jeanne

  2. Pleased the class/workshop went well for you! The year planner sounds a good idea, wonder when this book will be available.

  3. So glad that the class/workshop went well and of course the gals caught on quickly with such a good teacher. Your rail fences look great. Have fun with your cousins.

  4. Love your hankies! I saw a hanky quilt on FB a couple of days ago, so now I'm on the hunt for hankies of my own. Can't wait to get started. I did see the youtube video and learned a lot from it.

  5. I was unable to catch the Handi-Quilter program today, but hope to view it from the archives.
    We have been dealing with excessive heat this summer, too. Our AC went out one day earlier this week. When the repairman came he found a bug was trapped where a connector was, and its body broke the circuit, so we weren't getting AC. So glad to have it back--this week is a scorcher!

  6. I need to remember the rail fence block for our new quilters in the ministry group. It's perfect for learning 1/4 inch seams and squaring blocks - so easy to see when they're not! Thanks for the reminder.

  7. The heat seems to have settled here also. I am longing for a vacation in a cooler climate.

  8. As a new quilter, rail fence has never interested me but now seeing how different it can look, great. Thanks

  9. I purchased a pattern that used vintage hankies at a quilt show quite a while back. Now I want to get it out and give it a try. I have lots of vintage hankies in a cedar chest that came from my mother and grandmother.

  10. How sweet that your cousins want to see your projects! It's always nice when our loved ones are enthusiastic about our passion :)

  11. Wow, look at you go! I'm glad the class went well and I'm sure the rest of the monthly projects will go just as well, make sure someone (Sir Old Man) takes pictures of the trunk show please. Cousins are important but I didn't know there was a special day for them, I'd be in Key West if I had known :)

  12. Thanks much for the links to Kelly Cline's vintage quilting, and also the rail fence ideas. I have lots of vintage crocheted and embroidered pieces, and have been wanting to try something like those ideas. Of course, I'll have to use my DSM (if I ever get to it). Hope you had a good time with your cousins! ---"Love"


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