Monday, July 3, 2017

July already

  June ended with a couple of finishes, and now they are washed and fluffed.   The classic 9 patch, Timeless, already looks loved and worn.   The 9 patch quilt in contrast with the small wall hanging reveals the variation in neutrals used in the string blocks.

  The raw edge appliques washed up nice on this one.  They fluffed and frayed nicely, which is what this technique is all about.   Lots of dimension  begs to be touched.  The meandering quilting produces a soft crinkly looking background for the forgotten blooms.

For July.....I decided we needed a small table topper to use when we have lunch or snacks on the back patio.  Sir Old Man usually pulls out one of the small folding tables  to use.    Its rectangular  about 20'' by 30'' and all my small  toppers are just that....too small.   I ran across the Crossroads pattern from Connie at Freemotion by the River and tried a few blocks to see if it worked.    Here is her tutorial for a table runner.  

  I used the 9'' block and then added  an inner strip border.  Still not big enough, so I am adding a couple of rounds of florals for the outer border.

  July plans

  • Finish up the small topper--Crossroads in florals
  • Pin and quilt the Rail Fence top 
  • Prepare for the second  water color workshop for the Busy Bee Guild
  • Prepare for the Trunk Show and talk for the Loose Threads Guild in Clinton

 Once again....I am keeping the plans on the light side for this month.  I know the workshop and trunk show will take a lot of strength and I will need recovery time.

    One more thing to share.  I had an email from Nicki, who was my right hand and devoted organizer for the Mrs. Claus project.  She sent me a photo of her recent block made for The Covered in Love project.

This is her Hunter's Star block (gorgeous!) with added flange in red!  Outstanding block!  I think she did a beautiful job---look at those points----and I love the accent flange.   It's a perfect July block.  And before I get those questions......Nicki sent me the link for the Tutorial  by Roolen.     She added the flange and border to achieve a 12'' block.

   I get very inspired and motivated when I see others take on a new technique, venture outside their box, and see things in a new light.  And I love it that they will share those things with others.  Thanks, Nicki, for sharing this and for all those you help!
Happy stitching.


Dana Gaffney said...

Hunter's Star is one of my favorite blocks and seeing it on your page makes me think about what it would look like in glorious florals, hmmmm.

Gene Black said...

I am so glad that you showed the forgotten blooms after washing/fraying. It really helps me to see the possibilities with this method.

Ray and Jeanne said...

I don't think a quilt is really finished until it is washed and fluffed. Yours are gorgeous! Love your table topper - it just looks like summer. Nikki's Hunter Star is beautiful. ~Jeanne

Nicki said...

Nice finishes for June. I like the look of the raw edge applique on your little flower quilt. I made a baby quilt once using that method for hearts on the quilt & I really liked how it turned out. I was glad to share the Hunter's Star block & tutorial with you & thanks for sharing it with your bloggers. Roolen's technique lends to easy, perfect points on this block. Happy July 4th to all!

Louise said...

Thank you for sharing the link to the Hunter's Star block. Maybe I'll try that for Covered in Love this month, too! It's a neat block.

Janet O. said...

Your June finishes are beautiful, Debbie!
I know it is hard to get colors through photos, but the table topper appears to have a soft yellow background with your pretty florals, and I like the combo.
A very pretty, patriotic Hunter's Star.

Mary said...

Sigh. I wish I could attend your trunk show. I would love to see your work up close and personal. So glad the internet makes it possible to enjoy it via your blog.

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