Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Using orphans and strings for a small project

    The quilts and wall hangings are stacked for the trunk show this week.   I keep a master list of quilts I use,  and add in a new one sometimes.    I have 30 here....so to show them all in an hour means quick viewing, and fast talking :)

  There were a few small quilts I went thru to replace one I gave  away ....... Lavender Scents left with my cousin on Friday.    Bonita loves purple, and  this one just jumped right into my hands for her.  We had a great visit and  lots of hugs.  I loved her daughter's comment that she could see why and how I get wrapped up and lost in the sewing room.
  And all were very impressed with Sir Old Man's furniture and skill!

The heat is still here....it is an
 oven outside.  Good time for some sewing and maybe time for a small project.

  So I thought I would look for that  small project to occupy myself this week.   I have stacks of string blocks in all sizes, so something to go with them maybe.
  I found some small appliqued blocks, some string pieced blocks, and a stack of leftover triangles.......I could turn these into a simplified cover for Hot Legs!  The fitted cover  I have is good, except for the Velcro closures that catch on the thread.  I need to remove the velcro at some point.....instead  for now,   I decided to make just a flat style throw/cover  for her.

  I pulled out the Simple Folded Corners ruler and tried to figure out how to use it.   I could not make any sense out of the directions.   Bonnie made it look so easy! Although the instructions are written in English and have some pictures and diagrams, it was absolute Greek to me!  So I did one corner the old fashion way-----draw line, sew, flip and trim.

   Then I pulled out the ruler stickers and marked the lines on the ruler  to line things up based on what I did.   I think that is referred to as the indirect method versus  a direct application.
   The pink markers are the points for cutting off the corners of the appliqued block for the triangle corners.  The blue points are where to position for squaring up/trimming the full block.
  The markers are a luxury.....for old eyes that have trouble with tiny lines and numbers even with glasses at this point.  Life is short, buy the gadgets!

   Just a random layout for now to decide how to run the strings, or do I mix it all up?  Time will tell as I advance further.  One thing for sure, I need to re-watch Quilt-cam for the details on using this ruler.   Actually, there is a video tutorial on Doug's website........ In this case, technology helps :)

   Happy stitching.


Dana Gaffney said...

Thanks for reinforcing my commitment to not buy specialty rulers, LOL. But I really like those arrows, did you put them on there? I like using pinstripe tape on rulers when I'm cutting a strange size so I don't have to keep counting the tiny lines :)

Linda Swanekamp said...

I have the ruler also and use it. I watched the video and worked along with it, pausing and rewinding. I think that is called the simpleton method- I have to watch and do to get it. I do love the ruler and am using it in Kevin's mystery quilt. I have always hated drawing lines because the fabric wiggles.
I love the Lavender Scents quilt. I did buy the Quick Trips book and want to make the Quick Quarter one in there. Just have to gather fabrics.

Quilting Babcia said...

I've never been able to wrap my feeble brain around the one triangle ruler I've had for years but never used, just because of all those lines going every which way, and not even a word of directions to go with it. I love the sandpaper board hubby made for marking those lines, easy to use and doesn't tax this poor brain! That is a lovely gift your cousin took home - love that deep purple! Enjoy your upcoming show and tell!

Annette said...

Is there a pattern for the quilt on the bed?

Gene Black said...

I don't buy specialty rulers because they are generally a"one trick pony." Having watched the video on FQS, I can see how this one could be handy but if you lose the "cheat sheet" it would be much less useful. I did see how I can use my other rulers to avoid having to draw the line though. :-)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'm supposed to be using that ruler for a Military Mystery quilt along. I have it, but, I still haven't opened it. I think the lady included pictures for her clue. I like the flip and fold method, and the bonus HST's that go with it.

Debbie said...

You are a no-reply blogger. Yes, the bed quilt is an older pattern from magazine. I think I have it somewhere. Email me and I will look for it.

Andrea said...

I laughed out loud at your "life is short. Buy the gadgets!" Comment. So true as long as I have a memory of how to use it or directions handy or video to back me up! I know I have a few unused (so far!!!) gadgets that I'm determined to learn how to use this year with my new Juki "Lucy" who sews like a dream. Your purple quilt is stunning. Have fun this week, spunky lady!!��

Ray and Jeanne said...

Amazing how many gadgets I have and so many times can't figure out how to use them! lol! I can see why Lavender Scents is loved - it's beautiful! Stay cool. ~Jeanne

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, this will just such a pretty cover! Great to use up those odds and ends and make something that is practical and beautiful.

Janet O. said...

Lucky Cousin Bonita! That is a beautiful quilt for a purple lover!!
Oh, you shame me--I have NO cover on Gidget. Yours will be so fun! I should probably come up with something...someday. : )

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