Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Rail fences for leader and enders!

    I saw that Bonnie Hunter announced her Leader and Ender project of the year today.    No surprise.....she gave huge hints on the last quiltcam that I caught.    She offered up tips, hints, and suggestions for sizes.  
   Guess I was way ahead of her as my floral rail fence is on a hanger waiting for a border and or quilting :)  

   Anyway, I may have to hunt up another variation......I do love Rail Fence quilts.   They are easy stitching, use scraps,  and no sashing needed.

   This one  used a block variation....I called it a 2+4 patch rail fence.    I worked out the block for it using 2" squares and strips for a 6 1/2'' block.

    Today is get B-12 shot day and I need to get  the table topper pinned.   And there is a donation quilt for guild that needs to be quilted.  Well, at least make a start on it.  
  Happy stitching.


  1. Your rail fence is lovely. Good luck with the medical stuff today.

  2. I hadn't seen Bonnie's announcement yet, but I don't do her leader/ender anyway. I have so many unfinished projects of my own, that they become my leader/enders. : )
    I am sure you will come up with a lovely variation for your L/E project.
    Hope the shots continue to help you!!

  3. Oh, I love the 2 x 4 rail fence. I would love to make one. It is enough to push me off the fence and buy that 2" die that is on sale. Hope the B-12 shot works quick. When you mention the B-12, it always reminds me of the tag line in the V-8 juice commercial- I could have had a V-8!

  4. I like your rail fence quilt. Early on when I was quilting I thought that I "invented" the rail fence block. Ha ha. A friend saw it and told me that she had made one years ago. (I laugh about it now.)
    Because of the way I like to quilt pieces and then join them to make a larger quilt, I prefer patterns with sashing - or that I can add at least some sashing - otherwise the design is altered by the joining strips.

  5. Hope all went well with your B12 shot! I love your floral Rail Fence, haven't yet seen the blog from Bonnie I'm a bit behind in my reading posts, this leader/ender sounds pretty good.

  6. Beautiful! I saw Bonnie's pictures of the rail fence and how she used patches in one of them, you really were way ahead, LOL.

  7. I like your 2+4 design. My first quilt was a nine-patch and rail fence.

  8. I like it too. Hope you are feeling better. :)


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