Friday, September 15, 2017

It takes Heart

  Hearts have always been a favorite motif for me.  When I was able to do crazy quilting many years ago, I made lots of hearts, and gave them as gifts, and such.    I even have a crazy quilted quilt with the heart motif.     The top was given to me from the quilt guild when I was President.  I actually finished off the embroidery, and added the crazy quilted border.  Then 1 batted it and hand quilted in the open areas.

  And then there is the strip pieced water color heart.  This was the first strip pieced one I did.

   It's  an on-going thing for me to translate the heart motif to whatever technique I am doing.  I do lots of heart motif quilting and the feather shape comes from the same curve as the heart top.

   All of this leads up to making a few token scrappy, leftover hearts.  I first heard about making small hearts, sewing them and sowing them from Barbara, Smitty and Sadie's mom, at Catpatches blog.    She was making a few to hide and sow along her travels this fall.  Then I began to see some reported "found hearts" on FB.

 Here is the story about ifoundaquiltedheart  with details and such.    I just used a few chunks of fabric, some scraps, a bit of ribbon.  Very simple, raw edged shape, and not too perfect :)

  I had  designed the hang tag  but not printed it when the power went out.   So this morning was a good time to get the tags printed and tag the hearts.  I want to sow a couple when I go to therapy .
   The hearts I have made may not be posted on the website or on FB, but  I enjoyed playing around with them.  In this crazy, hectic, fast-paced world  with so much happening and going on, it is nice to do something simple and maybe brighten someone's day.   It takes Heart.💗
Happy stitching.


  1. Sweet! That is a great way to use up some scraps.

  2. Love the heart idea! I will definitely be doing this! And I certainly love your watercolor quilts. They're just beautiful!

  3. I love hearts too. Great idea for more populated areas. Having said I love hearts, there's a baggie of about 100 feedsack reproduction hearts in my closet that still await being made into a quilt. It's been there for at least 5 or 6 years - time to do something about that.

  4. I love hearts. One of the first serious quilts I did was a heart bargello from a book. I asked the quilt store lady if it was hard and she said, no, just follow the book. As a new quilter, it took many attempts and years to get it together. It is the only quilt I have for my bed. Gave the book away immediately after finishing the quilt. I make pocket quilts to give away from scraps and had some words printed on yardage from Spoonflower that I use. I will send you some when I make another batch.

  5. I have never made anything with a heart on it!! I fell for a quilt with lots of hearts using Tula Pink fabrics (I have some in my stash), you may have gotten me started on something new!!

  6. I love your heart quilts and really like the idea of the "ifoundaquiltedheart" program. What a neat idea. Looks like you are off to a good start with your hearts.
    P.S. Checking to see if I fixed my profile so you can see my comment.

  7. What a neat idea and thanks for sharing the pics of your heart quilts.

  8. Your heart quilts are so beautiful! And what a blessing those small hearts will be to the finders! ---"Love"

  9. How fun how fun is that!?! Hope to do a few myself!


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