Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Ending and beginning/ November to December

    November began with the Scrappy Mountains quilt blocks that became Mountain Reflections.  Luckily it was finished up in time to get the photos with the fabulous fall color we had. 
    Multiple doctor appointments kept us on the road and confused the calendar for this month.  At the month's end, there is one more visit to the dreaded medical office, and I should be clear of that stuff for a few months. 

  I also began some hourglass blocks which have been set aside for later....if ever:)    I got caught up in thinking I would do the Quiltville mystery quilt but instead the fabrics needed to go into a  quilt that will be required by February.  Namely a baby quilt for dear and young friends.

   Just a corner of the baby quilt made with orange peel appliqued shapes for now.  I ended up adding a couple of borders to enlarge it a bit.  I cut the extra fabric up for binding, and now I need the backing to get it quilted.
   This is the main task for December.   I am hoping to get it completed and mailed before the new year...... Heather is due in Feb, but I want it there before the day!

  So no mystery fabrics now and the first clue is out.  I am just biding my time and will decide if I am going all in for this one or not.  I will just download the clues for now. 

   Instead I moved on to the 16 patch. 
  I have an even bigger stack of assorted blocks. More than enough now to play around on the design wall and see what happens.   I talked about a shade garden versus a country garden mix of blocks, and I continue  along those lines.  As I pull strips to pair that is the theme I  try to imagine.
  So once I get the baby quilt down for quilting, I will play a bit with these blocks again.  Fair warning to those who start in on some 16 patch blocks....they are quite addictive.  Worse than potato chips!

December plans.....quilt the baby quilt, play with the 16 patch, maybe pin the D4P that is hanging around.  Bake some cookies, take naps, have some coffee....all the comforting things like that.   
Happy stitching. 


Ray and Jeanne said...

You've been busy with some beautiful quilts! So glad you only have one more medical visit for a long while. I was thinking about you when I was diagnosed this week with a B12 deficiency. Your December plans sound perfect and relaxing. ~Jeanne

Gene Black said...

You have had quite a month - and the mountains quilt is lovely. Thanks for the "warning" in the 16 patch blocks.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am downloading the clues too - I just don't have time to start one right now, I love the mountain majesty quilt and keep saying i will make that one and never get started on it.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Great work and progress. I know those medical appts can chew up great chunks of prime time. Sounds like a good month plan.

Louise said...

I love 16 patches, too! You're right, they are addictive :)

MissPat said...

Our quilt group is doing a 16 patch friendship quilt for a member who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. We're using batiks in blue, purple, green and aqua. You're right they are addicting. Good news that you get a break from medical appointments. Not something you want to do during the holidays.

Quilting Babcia said...

I love your version of Majestic Mountains more every time I see it. Definitely one for my bucket list. The baby quilt ois looking fabulous too. I'm saving the clues for this year's mystery too, no time this month to start anything new. Hope you get a clean bill of health from this last appointment.

Nicki said...

Your quilt is majestic under the beautiful Maple tree! I know it's really nice to get a break from doctor appointments. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the holidays without any interruptions like that. I won't be doing the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt but maybe someday I will try one. The baby quilt is going to be so sweet. Baking cookies, taking naps & having a warm hot chocolate sounds great to me!

Mary said...

It will be fun to watch your 16 patch project evolve. I hope the medical appointments go well and you are able to take a much needed break from them.

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