Tuesday, December 5, 2017

More from the 16 patch farm!

  The baby quilt is pinned for quilting and the binding is pressed and ready for finishing.  Just the quilting needs to be done.  I am seeking inspiration on that part or I will be resigned to meandering.  But I have a few days to contemplate it all. 

  So I visited the 16 patch farm.....the blocks were sitting by the iron and needed the final pressing.  I put up a crop of the darker blocks--shade garden blocks---to the left.  To the right went the second crop of the lighter blocks that jumble together like a country garden. 
  I could see a couple of blocks that needed to be switched to the other side.  Why so  narrow, you ask?  My thought here was to make narrow throws for the foot of the bed---foot warmer style.  I sort of thought they would be more useful for us. 
  Since the blocks will finish at 6'', I need to make a few more to have enough length.

    Over the weekend I made more  blocks while watching a movie.  Then I began playing on the design wall....and everything got jumbled and moved around.   Seeing the photo now, I think I made a mistake.  I like this better on the design wall but not in the photo. 

Insight:  Remember this trick....a photo does not lie.  I need to like the photo and the design wall layout!
That's okay, I can take it all down and add a few more blocks to the mix.  Then I can see what the farm crop yields the next time:)

  Two small trees are decorated and a few bit of Christmas decor spread around.  A small bit of shopping is done, and list made for food items to buy and bake.  Now if the weather would cool off enough to be able to heat up the ovens for cookies.  Maybe next weekend. 
Happy stitching. 


Quilting Babcia said...

I'll be happy to send you some of the cold, wet and snow heading our way, lol! You are so right about the photos, they are my best friend, letting me see where the triangles are set wrong when I'd never spot them on the design wall. There's a lot to be said for foot warmer width at the end of the bed, that can double as a very long table runner, two for the price of one!

Ray and Jeanne said...

I've often thought of making a narrow throw for the end of our bed but first I need a "plainish" quilt for the bed. I can't wait to see your final design. You can have some of our cold - our weather changed drastically last night; it will be much colder now. ~Jeanne

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

I often think my phone (camera) is second only to my sewing machine as far as tools go in the sewing room!
It did finally cool down last eve and we woke up to 32’. Still no snow or real winter weather in our forecast. Makes it real hard to get in the Christmas mood.
Quilt progress looks great!

Gene Black said...

I agree that the photo is the truest source of accuracy. When I was cutting hair, the mirror was the surest way to see if a neckline was straight. This is the same principle.

MissPat said...

I think you're about to get your wish for cookie baking weather as the jet stream is set to deep way down south. Our forecast is to stay cold and wintery through the end of the month. Wish I had space for a design wall. The bed isn't the best substitute unless maybe I could hang from the ceiling to look at it straight on.

Nicki said...

Keep working on the 16 patch as things will come together to your liking soon. The baby quilt sounds like it's coming along nicely. Baking weather is on it's way here. We are expecting a cold front in this afternoon & temps will lower into the 40's tonight. Just in time to help it feel more like Christmas. I'm planning on sugar cookies & Cranberry Nut Bread this year for gifts.

Janet O. said...

We won't even get above freezing for a few days. I should heat up the ovens and bake cookies. :)
You will eventually get what you want out of these blocks. Can't wait to see what you create!

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