Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Finishing the month

   The calendar says another month is gone .  I am not exactly sure where it went.  I have been plugging away on the boxed squares, and piecing backs for quilt tops to get quilted.

 I missed quilt-cam with Bonnie Hunter last night, so I played it this morning and I began on sewing the rows together.

  I have the additional blocks pinned to the design wall, as I could not reach any higher across the top.  So it seemed like time to begin getting the rows together.  Large sections are harder  for me  to handle, so this will get put together in sections.

   I also worked on the ongoing forever leader/ender 4 patch units.   I used these  to piece as L/E for the Boxed Squares as I created the rows.    I just keep a deli tray as the landing spot  on the cutting table for 2 1/2'' squares as I cut or clean up scraps.    I have used these as borders, parts for 16 patch blocks, and etc.  Some are done with neutrals and dark prints, and other mixed up everything goes.  I can always turn them into mug rugs if needed or such.    

   I have several tops on hangers that really need to get quilted.......thus I am piecing fabrics for backings.  I absolutely hate figuring out the pieces to fit together.  I do resolve to just buy wide backings from now on and forget trying to merge fabrics to create a back.  

Next month:
  •   Quilt at least one top that has been hanging around.
  •   Continue joining the Boxed Squares.  
  • Garlic Knots.....just keep cutting and stitching.  Someday I will get enough made:)
  •   Begin cutting for a new floral fabric feature.......this has been on my idea list for a long time.  More on it next month.

  The weather has greatly improved....mostly.    We have had a lot of rainy days, not complaining about that.  But it plays havoc with the joints and fingers, so I have not gotten too far along.  I feel Spring is about to arrive, maybe just one more cold spell and things will improve a lot for me.  
I am trying to post this from the new laptop.....I love the light weight, but it does strange jumps and hops on me.  I am a plugger....I will figure it out eventually.  
Happy stitching.  


Ray and Jeanne said...

I do enjoy seeing your boxed squares - that is going to be a great quilt. The time does fly by - maybe one day we'll have spring 😉 It's a beautiful day here - I may have to go for a walk later. Right now, I'm enjoying some time sewing. ~Jeanne

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My laptop was hard to use until I covered the touch screen mouse on it, and got a plug in mouse instead. Much better! Your quilt is looking good. Not much stitching for me, since I'm not home.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I love all the florals in the boxed squares. Can't wait to hear about the floral feature. I am hauling a bunch of UFOs to quilt retreat this weekend so I can come home and start a floral version of Organized Chaos kaleidoscopes. I think I have enough strips to choose from, but may have to cut some non floral strips if they look too busy. I also want to cut squares for a floral scrappy mountain majesties. A little discouraged, hard time walking around the block with two sort of dead feeling legs today, sun was nice.

Cheree @ That Morning Latte said...

I was just sitting here wondering where the DAY has gone, let alone the month. March!?! Have I done enough quilting to allow it to be March? ;o) Your quilt is looking good. I've been considering buying the wide backing fabrics, too. I don't like dealing with the seams but it is good to use up fabric--if I have something works, that is. Have been thinking of you, wondering if I missed a post or two but I see you've been sewing away! Spring fever!

Janet O. said...

The squares are a nice juxtaposition against the soft floral fabrics. Makes a very visually interesting quilt.
You are nothing if not tenacious, Debbie. I know you will get that new laptop figured out. :)

Gene Black said...

I am glad to see you plugging along. I am being ridiculously non-productive this week. Tomorrow, though, I have to make faux stained glass for the set of the play I am in next month. That should kick me into gear.

Mystic Quilter said...

Good to see all your boxed squares on the wall, great pattern for your lovely florals. Sensible idea a to go with the wide backing fabric, bI've been thinking of going that way myself, problem is I have such a lot of older fabric which would make up into pieced backs and I feel I should use them up!

Louise said...

I hear you about piecing backings. It can be such a pain! I try to keep my larger cuts separate for backings, but even they usually need to be stitched. Sometimes when I'm in the mood I'll put together several at a time. But that inspiration strikes rarely :)

Mary said...

Boxed squares are looking great. Like you, I'm not complaining about our series of rain days.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I got the wireless mouse......yes it eats batteries but it is better than having the cursor jump to the top and erase everything I have typed.

March is the time in IL where snow disappears just a few days after falling instead of a week or more. I wouldn't mind if we didn't get any more snow at all though. With all of your rain you will be seeing a lot of green and blooming soon.

Quilting Babcia said...

New computers and so-called "upgrades" can certainly be very challenging for all of us! I don't envy you having to learn this new one. Since the last Windows upgrade the computer tells me it can't communicate with the printer, though it dutifully continues to print out everything I ask it to, after issuing that complaint, lol! I hear you with the closet-full of quilt tops on hangers, similar situation going on here. Guess we're both going to need to spend a few days/weeks quilting and binding. Another snowstorm on the way for tomorrow evening - 4-8 inches so they say. Happy March!

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