Sunday, November 14, 2010

Binding finished

Some of the 3-D bow tie blocks were turned into a small table runner for Christmas---all the "knots" were in a red print and the rest of the bow tie were green prints.    The other bow tie blocks are now joined and waiting to be quilted.  Maybe after the holidays!
The mountains are now called "My Carolina Byways" and it is bound and labeled.  The borders are different sizes on this and left are 3" and the bottom and right are 4 1/2".  Huh?  That's what was in my scrap boxes and I decided to mix it up and use up the stash.  Same for the bindings.  It's a great snuggle lap quilt....just for me. 

While I was putting  the leftover scraps away from this, I ran across a box of leftover blocks.  Well, actually, the box fell off the shelf and almost  landed on top of me.  The point being I had forgotten about the odd test blocks, and leftovers from many projects.  I found a few "gems" in there and bingo!  I was off on a new binge.  I put together about 6 Mug Rugs and got 4 of them quilted last night.  What a great way to use up some scraps and have some small projects to share.  I think I will include one with the tote bag I made for Billie and her travels.
  The worktable is cleared off now, so onto the scappy braid.  More instuctions tomorrow.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

I've seen the bow tie quilts before, but not set up this way ,I like it .
The watercolor quilt is looking great and I love the way you sorted the different shades of purple for the scrapy quilt,I can't wait to see that one done.

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