Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Today was the first morning in 10 days that I was able to get up--pain free!  The pulled muscle has been a learning lesson and a reason to give thanks.  I haven't gotten a lot done, or even wanted to try, instead I had plenty of time to reflect and  focus on what is important to me.  Each pain free moment is a blessing to hold on to for me.  I give thanks to all who have stopped by and left encouraging words. 
So what do I want to focus on?   Giving.  Giving inspiration , giving encouragement, giving my time, giving what ever I can to others.  It's in the giving that I receive the most....that's the lesson I have learned again.  It's the position in life where I want to be.

Since I am not cooking a big dinner today, I spent the morning in the sewing room.  I got focused on the project on the design wall.  I cut a few black strips that will go between each band (which have not been trimmed yet), just to get a general idea.  I still have at least 3 more bands to make.  I thought I had a good selection of fabrics,  yet viewing this photo I see how heavy my stash is on medium and dark values.  I need to "lighten up" some areas! 

The seascape made it safely to Orlando, and Doreen and Steve love it.  Long time friends are a treasure.

Happy stitching,

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