Sunday, December 26, 2010

A snowy Christmas evening and Hope

The snow began late in the afternoon, and the family decided to head out early to get home before the heavy fall began.  So after everything was cleaned up, I got some stitching time in.  I was able to finish up my latest wall hanging, Hope, with the thread painted cardinal.   Again it's a
 watercolor.....what else would you expect?  This scene reminds me of the view from my sewing room, too.
  The  process for the border quilting:
I used the border area to practice free motion quilting in the "mctavishing style".   Wendy at Ivory Spring  has a great tutorial on her domesticated  mctavishing that I tried to follow. Follow the link and check out her blog.  She does wonderful quilting and designing too.   My "s" shape is a bit different than hers,  like a signature she explains.  The s shape is stacked and then repeated and filled in to create wonderful texture.  I used Isacord thread for the machine quilting.  Here are a couple of photos to show it close up. 

The watercolor center of this was quilted with a large meandering stitch.
  New year approaching, and that means new projects......first on the list is a quilt for Justin, who will be graduating from Clemson in May.  He brought me a photo of a quilt he wants.  It is just large squares--which will give me lots of room to use different quilting patterns---with a pointed triangle edge.  I am still working out the edge....I think I will have to face it rather than binding it.   More on that later.  Happy stitching.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That wallhanging turned out so pretty! The thread painting is almost a lost art with all of the embroidery machines out there. I learned it too way back in 1974.
My S shapes became my own in my McTavishing too. I think that is what makes it your own signature quilting style.

Delia (Del) said...

As usual another beautiful quilt you have made.
The free motiion stitching looks really lovely on the boarders.

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