Thursday, June 16, 2011

FMQ on String Me Along

I got a good start  on the quilting.  I did an outline stitch around each flower, stem and leaves.  Then the background in filled in with meandering loops because I love the puckered look you get when it is washed.  The flowers will stand out from the background just enough, I think. 
  But what to do on the borders?  I get questions about how I plan the quilting.  So here's my thought process........I plan on just a straight stitch along and around the  string pieced sections, but then there is the outer border to quilt.   So I did a couple of pages of pencil practice.  The first is a braid of pointed leaves.   By the third row I had the spacing about right and pretty even.    I like this design a lot...yet I think it is just a bit angular  and dense for what I want on this quilt.

  Second practice was a chain of  trailing leaves.....this design is more open and it will be easy to turn a corner using this pattern.  I can create a clump of leaves and curve the  line very easily, also.  Yep,  this is the design I am in favor of using right now.   
  Final decision will be made when I get to that point.  I will draw out a section of quilting onto a clear acrylic sheet to overlay the border.  It helps me visualize what the stitching will look like. 

OH, wow.... I just checked the newsletter from 3creative studios and I won the pack of fat quarters for the month of June for the journal quilts!!!   And Vicki Welch has included a tutorial on her thread sketching in the newsletter.  Can't wait to try her technique. 
Ok, off to Charlotte tomorrow.
   Happy stitching.

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