Saturday, June 25, 2011

One of those days

One of those days when you spill your first cup of coffee,  and the laundry needs to be done again, and your head is not in it!  For sure, this is not my most creative day, but then I could use a good laugh at myself.
   An unfinished journal quilt has been on the design for a few weeks.  It was to be a random piecing of scraps in just neutral tones for a background of thread painting.  The background got pieced, but I didn't like it.  I just tacked it up and tried another.  Fast forward to today......when I glanced at it today, I saw something in it that I had not seen before.   It looked like a wonky pieced house--upside down.  I turned it around and saw the wonky house, a door, window, etc.  How did I manage to do that?
   It still needed something.   Couching is the technique of the month  for the Journal Quilt Challenge.   How about a tree?   I used a narrow zigzag over loosely twisted strands of yarn from bouillon fringe.   Snip at the top of the fringe and let the double strand unwind a bit.  I begin to stitch over the strands, letting them find their own place but keeping a twist to them.  I created the branches by splitting the stands into 2 clumps and sewing them in different directions. 
  Now I know the tree looks got hit by lightning maybe, like the one at my brother's house that fell this week!   But it seemed to fit here.

InsightStep back and look at things a second time.  They just might look different a few days later.  If not, leave it on the design board or find the trash can. 
Happy stitching,


Lynne said...

I know what you mean about being open to other possibilities.

I once took photos of my husband's chest for a "Body" theme at art college. I was very conventional and hadn't really tried abstract work. I was drying my photo enlargements on the kitchen table and walked past them. I saw how the light sections on separate photos worked together to create interesting shapes - and a whole new world opened up to me (I even got a distinction for photography!)

butrfly2200 said...

Debbie, I just finished looking over your entire blog. All I can say is WOW. You have a wonderful blog with lots to inspire me. Hope you don't mind that I saved some info and pictures for future reference. I saved you blog addy and profile with them so I remember where the inspiration came from. I also belong to LearningFA and have enjoyed that group very much.
:)Carol near Calgary, Alberta

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