Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Pin cushions again!

  This is the last batch for now, anyway.

   The first 3 are fairly plain ones. The two on the left used part of a damaged linen doily I first showed.  Some machine quilting on them.  On the others I made I did not add machine quilting.  Vintage crochet trim on the one on the right.

  A small one with a bluebird print with lace and a bird motif added.  It's about 3'' square.  A favorite!

  The one is front turned out really nice.  The print featured butterflies on tan and I just framed one of them with fabrics and lace.  It's about 6'' long.
  The larger one on the right is about 5'' square.

  I had several emails with questions about the technique.  First I was inspired by Kelly Cline and her vintage linen pincushions. 

 I figured out what way worked for me.

  • I used batting as my foundation to attach fabric and lace in crazy patch technique.
  • I added lace as I went and motif or special bits when foundation was covered.  
  •  My filling is crushed walnuts shells purchased from Amazon. 
  •  I fill thru the back rather than in the side seam....see photo.  It is easier to whip stitch the opening on the back for me.  

   I am not selling them.  I will sell lace and me via email if interested. 
I plan on donating these to the quilt guild's boutique for next year's show.  So I have plenty of time to make a few more....such fun.

  I also uncovered a small dresser scarf that I embroidered way back when......I guess I was in my teens when my neighbor, Betty, taught me to embroider.  She was also instrumental in teaching me to sew.  I plan on seeing if I can get that machine quilted soon.  I cleaned the sewing room yesterday.....all fabric back in its place, and the lace container organized and put away for now.  I can see table tops and Hot Legs can breathe again. LOL.

  I count this all as a win as I am now motivated to work on a project.  Pain or no pain, I hate being so down that I don't want to stitch a bit.  It may be partly the heat but a greater part of the blame lands on the monster called Covid 19.  It has sucked the interest and mojo from my creative spirit.  I am so over this, and really want and need to find some normal in my life.   I know most of us feel much the same way, so you know where I am at.
Stay cool, and happy stitching.


Gene Black said...

It is so good to find whatever projects help bring life back into your creative spirit. Between the heat and the changes from "the monster" it has been difficult.

I have finally adapted my "normal" and don't beat myself up for not getting a lot done.

The blue bird print reminds me of the Blue Willow plates. My grandmother had one that hung on the wall.

Ray and Jeanne said...

The pincushion with the blue butterfly is my favorite. I love seeing all these - they will certainly be in demand at your guild's boutique! Cleaning the sewing room usually helps my motivation but you are right - Covid 19 has changed so much in our lives. I hope you have a cooler, fun day. ~Jeanne

Linda Swanekamp said...

Thanks for showing the pincushions. Each one is unique and fun to look at. I am striving to keep perspective on this whole crisis. It is a total disruption, but most of us have what we need to live. Technology is enabling us to communicate- I learned Zoom and keep our guild in touch and teach a class weekly. If I focus on what I can't do, I will slide to a not good place. Sewing, quilting, creating is one way I fight against the black hole of fear. The other is prayer.

Louise said...

Sometimes it takes a completely different kind of project to kick start our motivation, doesn't it? I'm glad your inspiration projects are so darned pretty :)

MissPat said...

Another delightful group of pincushions which should be popular at the guild sale. I've been using the heat as my excuse for not getting anything done, but in truth, even before it got too hot in my studio, I lacked the motivation to work on any of my UFO's or to start anything new. You definitely are not alone in suffering from Covid-19 malaise.

Kerry said...

I so agree with the apathy that the blooming virus landed us with and that it is dragging on and on with no end in sight but a promise of a second wave. I will stick my fingers in my ears if anyone mentions a third, then stamp my feet and have a hissy fit! It was hard to motivate myself sewing, even harder with sowing vegetable seeds and getting the plants in the ground but needs must! I'm so loving your little pin cushions - particularly the bluebird one. So sweet.
Stay safe everyone.

sue s said...

I am so glad you were motivated to make these darlings! It's been fun seeing them every day and dreaming a little. I have continued to sew but have wrestled quilting too many large projects on my machine, so am burned out on that.

Elizabeth V Kelbaugh said...

Your lovely pincushions will be a hit at the guild's boutique. Sorry we still have lots of heat. Hope the popup storms bring some cooler air.

Janet O. said...

These are such beauties, Debbie. Makes me think of a genteel, Victorian parlor with lovely, lacy things on display.
People will be clamoring to get these at your guild's boutique.
I look forward to seeing what your newly revived mojo points you toward next.

jarnspiger said...

Love your pincushions. I am also inspired by Kelly Cline and now by you. These are fun to make and a nice quick project that does not overwhelm in these trying times. Beautiful.

Debbie said...

Thanks, Jarnspiger! So nice you stopped by. To you and other "no reply commenters"...thank you all. Glad to share and inspire. Add your email link to your blogger identity and I can reply to you.

Quilting Babcia said...

Your pincushions would all look so sweet piled in a basket together so you can continue to enjoy them until they are donated to the quilting boutique. Each one is so individually wonderful, whoever eventually owns them will treasure them. Heat and humidity continues here as well. Looking forward to some temps in the 70s again, maybe next month. Also looking for some mojo to return!

Mary said...

Yes, I most definitely do know where you are at. My stitching mojo is starting to grow again too. Love the pincushions.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Look at you go! I did check out Kelly's as well. (Noticed she lives just 2.5 hrs away--very familiar with that town as it's where my daughter and her hubs attended KU--and that she sometimes does talks and classes. Hmmm...). So neat to repurposing vintage linens so that they might be enjoyed again! (finally got my lizard litter btw, after Amazon lost it!). I'm with you and everyone else--so over all of this. I've taken to listening to calming spa music, reading and watching videos about simplifying, tending to my garden etc, just over-all shutting the world out and doing what brings me peace. I don't think it's always right to do that as we need each other but right now I need to get rid of this tension that I hold in my back, neck etc. We gotta do what we gotta do! Then, maybe later I can be a calming influence when someone else needs it?

Mystic Quilter said...

Sorry to read this is your last batch for now! I find them fascinating and so beautiful and delicate. I'm with you on trying to find some normal in our life again and the number of posts I've read where bloggers are feeling the same thing, their creative spirit seems to be missing a little, I am pleased though that you have been creating!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

More cute pincushions. I really like the long skinny one with the batiks from the last post.

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