Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fractured block?

This is the block I worked on for the AK quilt using the inset strips technique from the Art Quilt Workbook.  I am very pleased with the block, but still think the technique is a pain....  This is not really what the book had in mind, but it captures the image I had in my head of the mountains. 
 Truthfully this is a fractured bargello type technique. I never completed one of those and now I know why!
I used the same blues for the sky and mountain top as I used for the background of the purple moose and fireweed blocks.   Hopefully a little consistency in fabrics will help make this quilt work.  Guess I have learned a few things from doing all the art projects.  And by doing all the exercises I am getting blocks done for the AK quilt.  I like that.

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