Thursday, July 14, 2011

Think I took a wrong turn

Somehow I got lost on this one.  I was inspired by the  color palette of the month at 3 Creative Studios.  I intended to create a beach scene at sunset, took a wrong turn,  and ended up in the desert!  
  I started with the fabrics to match the given palette.  So far. so good.  I cut a muslin foundation to sew the strips to.  I thought it was fine until the fourth strip was added.  I took the wrong turn here.  I continued with straight strips.  It would have turned out different I think, if I had gone on with curved pieces instead.  But since I hate the seam ripper, I continued on to the desert scene.   I do like the half  frame border that off sets the scene.  So, I will probably finish it up, as a lesson to learn.  Just so you know.
   Insight:  Not every thing turns out the way it was begun.  Live with it and learn.   A good life lesson in this small project.


Mary said...

I love the beach, but live in a droght prone desert-like area which, I've learned, has a beauty all its own. A life lesson for me, I suppose. This turned out to be a nice piece, even if different than your original goal.

Lynne said...

Sometimes our materials, whether they be fabric, yarn or paint, just tell us what they want to be! It's easier to go with the flow than to fight it, I think!

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