Sunday, August 21, 2011

A couple more layouts

I looked back at the layouts for the strip pieced watercolor and realized I had over looked my all time favorite design.  The barn raising, or diamond on point, which is so universal and well liked.   You have probably figured out by now, that log cabin layouts work wonderful with this technique.
 I am one block short here....but then I am a few days late with it, too!
  And another variation with the blocks I have ---using the same design layout.  The change is in the center 4 blocks.  I used 4 blocks of the unit I did with the medium and dark in the opposing corners for the center.  It creates a neat square within a square design. 

  And just to confound and confuse you a little bit more....What if this design ( or any of the other ones,too) is done on point? The effect changes.  Just think what you could do in the corner triangles.....
  I need more blocks, because I might just feel the need to try a couple of these layout.
 Happy stitching,


Dana Gaffney said...

I like that one especially on point. I pulled my fabric and bought just a little more, laid them out, took a picture and when I turned it black and white I could see them all so clearly. A little rearranging and I'm ready to go. Now I just need to find time. Thanks Debbie, you've really helped me along.

Chell said...

I am so impressed with such work. I have not tried watercolor work, but you make it look so easy and beautiful. I am very traditional, so maybe I should step out of my box a bit more....Thanks for showing!!

Lynne said...

I am really enjoying this series Debbie - thank you.

quiltmom said...

These watercolor designs are stunning- I particularly like the barn raising one. You have such a great eye for color.
It is awhile since I have played with watercolor but the strip piecing way sounds interesting.
Thanks for sharing.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Greetings from Tunisia! While surfing the net and trying to beat the heat, I happened upon your interesting blog. I've been enjoying your lovely quilts and reflecting upon patience. I would not have the patience to do this, but I'm glad you do! I guess we each have to choose the most judicious use of our patience resources!
best, nadia

Jeanne said...

I enjoy seeing your watercolor quilts. Every time I look at your blog, I think that I need to make one for myself!

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