Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Do you remember the Summer of Love?

Last night at guild, Cassie made a comment about the yellow florabunda blocks.  I told her the last one was finished and on the design wall.  Then I went into the last memory stitched into that block.  It was 1967, and I  had a huge crush on JT, who worked at the gas station.  As I stitched, I remembered how excited I was when he asked me out.....and what a disappointment it was!  He was tall, tan, and blonde, and had no personality.   I was bored to tears and could not wait to get home.  I can laugh about it now and realize the truth of a  life lesson. 
  InsightSome things are to be enjoyed from a distance.  The true worth and beauty lies beneath the surface.  So stitch some Heart into your quilts and don't take things too seriously.

So I am arranging and then changing the blocks on the wall.  I keep  moving the light ones around to decide where and how to place them.  Then I can get the rows webbed together and joined.
The border....I have a lot of left over strips of the florals, so I think I will probably just band the whole thing with the darker strips of them.  I can bind with the yellow to finish it off.   

I pulled out a fabric and began matching it with some fat quarters and scraps.  I love the leaf print--not sure when or why I bought it--it's kind of fall looking, and I am definitely ready for that.  So this is stewing in my brain for a bit until I decide which pattern to use.  I am leaning towards a Quick Quarter Trip using the technique and pattern by Eleanor Burns.   Decisions, decisions.....
Happy stitching.


Lynne said...

I was once so excited about a beautiful red skirt I had bought. I teamed it with a red and white striped shirt. Looked great up close but from a distance the shirt looked pink and clashed with the skirt! So it works both ways!

I have learnt to view colours close up and from a distance - that's what I do with all my crafting projects now! (It also works well with little quilting errors - if I can't see it from a metre away, does it really matter? LOL)

Anonymous said...

The quilt is gorgeous!

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