Saturday, August 13, 2011

New from the Workshop

   The wood working shop, that is..... not a desk, and not a pulpit, either.  It is actually for trash! 
   Sir Old Man has been working on this off and on for a month for a friend.  The hinged lid lifts ---oops, pic before the knob was put on.  The top lifts off and you line it  with the large 25 gallon trash bags. 

The back is just as pretty as the  front.  Great job, honey.    I love the two-tone stain and the mitered  corners look really, really good.  
 Wouldn't it be great for scraps?  Just toss them in.  On second thought, I already have mine sorted.  But I am sure I could find something to stash in it....if I had one ;).


Lynne said...

That is gorgeous! I'm sure you could make great use of one - if you had one!

juanita said...

Wow! Two talented people in your family! It seems too beautiful to use for trash.

Marydon said...

Turned out beautifully, Debbie. I like the 2-tones also.

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Have a beautiful weekend.

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