Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tension headaches?

I get both kinds of tension headaches.....physical and sewing machine type, too.  Especially when free motion quilting, tension headaches cause so much frustration.  I get comments and email about solving them on a regular basis.  I don't have a magic lantern  solution,  but trial and error experience helps.  This morning I  found this article from American Quilting Society in my email by Bob at Superior Threads.
  He explains how thread reacts to batting, fabric weight, and etc.  Batting can put drag on the top thread, and mess up tension.  Dense fabric--like batiks--can also create a drag on the thread.  Snap, pop, the thread breaks and we freak out.  
  So pop over and read the article and print it out to keep handy when a tension headache hits your machine.
Happy stitching,

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Lynne said...

That was an interesting article - thanks for the link!

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