Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thread painting on Heads Up

I call this thread painting, but almost feel it is more thread high lighting.  I used various shades of red rayon threads to create the accents on the blooms. I set my machine up for free motion stitching with a top stitch needle,size 14.  I used a straight stitch to  follow the curvature of the petals.  This  gives some sense of depth.  A dark yellow/gold was used for the center stamens, and I used  a very narrow zigzag stitch for this. 
  I kept going back and adding more veins and colors....till finally I said enough! 

Stitching through the steam a seam 2 was not the most pleasant experience.  I found that it did tend to "gum up" the needle more than heat and bond light, which  I usually use.   I had to unthread the needle and wipe it down with alcohol  to remove the residue.  So lesson the steam a seam for applique rather than thread painting.   

Baking bread today.... rosemary sea salt bread and cheese bread.  Love the wonderful aromas in the kitchen.  Have a great weekend.  Happy stitching.

1 comment:

Lynne said...

Lovely stitching work. Thank you, as always.

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