Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What road?

   Last month we pulled the bowflex into the sun room because of the heat and humidity in the garage.  I was determined to improve my flexibility  and  keep my mobility.  So it is 6 weeks later and there is noticeable improvement to me.  My back is so much better, just light resistance makes such a difference. 

   This led to a new ride....I have logged miles, but not gone anywhere.  So at least every other day, I do the peddling thing. 
And if I've been at the sewing machine too long, a  10 minute ride stretches everything out.  Resistance with no impact on my knees and ankles...I love it. 
Insight:  Exercise the body, relax the mind, release creativity!  

This morning I visited  Tunisia  thru Nadia's blog.  It set me to thinking about the distance I have traveled.  My road is not gravel, but paved with fabric and all the extras.  My destination is not determined by compass or necessity, rather  guided  by  my impulse and  creative heart.  My purpose is nebulous and changing.....it is what I need to really nail down.  For now,  I seek to pass it on...to inspire....to encourage.    Think about it-----What road are you on?
  I love all the comments and drop ins  from all over the world.  It is very interesting to see what the rest of the world is doing.  Be sure you have an email linked to your blogger account, so I can reply.
Happy stitching. 


Lynne said...

After knitting for several hours over the last three days (too "woolly" to sew), I feel the need for some gentle exercise! Thanks for inspiring me yet again!

Mary said...

Even though I have not yet established a routine I can stick to, I refuse to move the eliptical exerciser out of my sewing room. Nor to I allow myself to use it as a place to drape frabric. It does help to use it after sewing several hours. Thanks for reminding me that we all face the similar challenges.

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