Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's in your trash can?

A few days ago, I showed some strings of batiks I was sewing together.  I said I had a plan....so I added more strings and left over pieces.  Whatever was too short, got added to another piece, and into the mix it went.  If Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville can piece crumbs together, I can piece strings together.
I ended up with 2 sections about 14 inches long.   And yes, they are not perfect.  A few pieces curved---I must have stretched when sewing.  Most are a little "off" because the edges were not cut straight.  I didn't really care at this point.  I joined the 2 sections with strings going vertically, and added more string pieces to the ends. 
  A little batting, a backing, and an hour to quilt and I have a new waste not project....a table runner. 

 Overall it is 46 inches long and 12 inches wide.
I sewed all four sides, trimmed away the extra batting from the seam line, and then turned inside out.  A good press and then stitched around the edges with a straight stitch before quilting.
I love the richness of the dark batiks against the wood pub table.  And to think these pieces were headed to the trash can!  I better check the trash, I might come up with a couple of place mats, too.
   So, what is in your trash can?
It's Tuesday....remember to visit Stash Manicure...just saying.
Happy stitching,


Lynne said...

I spent abotu half an hour this afternoon sorting my scraps (obviously I don't have many) and I'm about to start making my very first QAYG string block (for Oz Comfort Quilts).

My first scrappy string project was a change mat for my Grandson. You can see it here (and read what I learnt in making it) if you are interested.


Thank you for continuing to inspire me!

Ann Marie said...

The only stuff that goes into my "trash" can is things that are too small to cut out a 1 1/2 square. Then when it is full, it all gets stuffed into a pillow. The actual trash can, has NO fabric pieces in it whatsoever.

Eileen said...

Beautiful, Debbie! I love the colors. Batiks are too pretty to throw away, so this was a great idea.

Carol said...

Love it.

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