Saturday, November 19, 2011

A little hope in the mail

  Have you ever been so busy,  involved in a project, just going on adrenaline, that you hit the wall and wonder how to finish?  It is day 14 and I am almost out of steam.  And just when you need it most a little something comes along and lifts you up.............for me, it was a doll quilt top.
  This arrived from Mrs. Claus in California .  A cardinal featured on this one!  A heart lifted when I saw my personal symbol of hope.  It reminds me to cherish all the things in life.   I use a cardinal in my quilts, either on the front or back.  It symbolizes the gift of my heart and who I want to be...energetic, one who loves life, and helps others when I can.  Even in the darkest of times, there is hope.  
  So thank you, Teresa, for giving me a lift.
The stack is reminds me of the "Princess and the Pea" fairy tale!  New quilts added from Mrs. Claus Quiltnanny and  Mrs. Claus City/Sandie from the HGTV Quilt Message Board.  Thank you so much.  And a big hug and thank you to Mrs. Claus from Gray Court that spent the afternoon with me yesterday finishing up the dozen tops in the workroom. 
  Happy stitching.


  1. Oh, what a beautiful cardinal! And in a quilt too!

    Sounds like there are a lot of Mrs. Clauses out there helping this project along... hope you're near finished tho. That's a lot of sewing!!!

  2. We don't have cardinals in Australia. They look like a beautiful bird. When you have time (perhaps after Thanksgiving or Christmas) would you tell me why you chose it as your symbol please?

  3. The cardinal is just beautiful! For me, cardinals always remind me of my dad because he loved them so much. I guess they're my symbol for happiness/good cheer? How can you not smile when you see one? Fortunately, we always have one around our house. :o)

  4. This has been such a special thing for you to take on. Not ony has it helped lots of children, and your husband in his work, it has also brought lots of quilters ogether. I do hope you are about to wrap it up, though, so you can enjoy the holidays.


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