Sunday, November 6, 2011

Doll quilts--part 2

  Update:  Monday at 11 am:   Thank you to all.  I am still getting responses and offers of doll quilt tops.  The estimated number at this time is 44 doll quilts or tops.  I had an email from the Head Elf for the toy project, and he and the team are awe struck at the response.  Each and every doll quilt  recieved will be greatly appreciated and  used in their project. Cheree at The Morning Latte says,  Get your Mrs. Claus on!

What a whirlwind ....the response to my cry for help was just wonderful.  I fielded about 40 comments and emails....can you imagine what Madame Samm dealt with for the Wantobe Campaign?  
Quilters--and blogging quilters are over the top---are such warm giving people.  I am looking forward to some very special packages soon to help me complete this project of doll quilts.
   I finished 3 cuties yesterday and cut battings and backs for a lot more.  This one was done with the short pieces from 2 others.  Two panels of 6 inch strips were joined with a pink sashing. 
  Two others were string pieced --on the diagonal-- to a piece of batting that was cut to size of 12 1/2" by 181/2".
Once the batting was covered, I trimmed the ends and placed the backing fabric right side together with the front.

I stitched around all 4 sides....leaving about 4 inches open for turning.    Before turning, clip away the batting in the seam line at the corners.  This will eliminate bulk and create a nicer corner. In the photo, you can see a finished edge on the right.  I learned this years ago as a "knife edge or pillow" finish. 
  Turn right side out and poke out the corners.  Turn under the opening edges, and press well.  Then just top stitch around the quilt about 1/4" from the edge.
On the string quilts, I just did a few straight lines of stitching for the quilting. 
  At this point I am expecting 25 doll quilt tops and quilts to be sent to me for this project. 
Isn't that amazing?  I am just blown away. 
I have a lot to process and get done.  And I still have to go shopping with my winning from the Ghastlie Blog Hop! 
Happy stitching.


Janet said...

I'd like to send a doll bed quilt if you still need some.

Debbie said...

Yes, I still need doll bed quilts....please email me directly because your response is a no-reply blogger.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

I found myself thinking of Mdme Samme, too, when I did my owl give-away! She had to be on the computer non-stop!
I love your quilts here. I hope to post my completed ones tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome project. Do you still need quilts? I could send one your to send me any information

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