Friday, November 11, 2011

Quilt Tale #5

  I have a dearly loved quilt made by my grandmother for me.  There are patches cut from my old clothes among the pieces.  It went with me to college and is well worn, and stored away now.  Many of us have one of those, or have made quilts from our father's ties, old blue jeans, and thrift store shirts.  I ran across this story on the Bloggers Quilt Festival and received permission to share it with you.  It's a great story that reminds us why we quilt, and not letting go.

This is a tale of recycle and salvage.    The quilter planned her design  around the idea of using a pile of blue fabrics from her stash, and  included some  fabrics from work shirts belonging to her husband, some old jeans and a bunch of non-standard quilting fabrics.
  Let me add here, that the pattern caught my eye first.  Of course, it would.  It's a bargello.  And I do have a thing for bargello patterns. 
But, read on.

   The quilter  says, "Unfortunately, one of those fabrics in particular did not work out as planned. ....  It was a Chinese brocade made of polyester/nylon. I knew it probably shouldn't have gone in the dryer, but... well... sometimes these things just happen. And sometimes they happen more than once. I didn't realize when I made it that it would become the house favorite and greatly abused. It has been used as a picnic blanket, a throw, a dog bed, it's gone camping...... but the dryer has destroyed that brocade and, clearly, it needed a rework."
  Yes, repair was needed.  And her first thoughts were to replace those worn patches.  But here she gets very creative and has a light bulb moment! 

Patches equal applique!  This quilter salvaged her family's  much loved quilt  by appliqueing  hearts over the worn and frayed patches.  And it lives on for another season of family fun and love.
  So...recycled fabric and clothes makes quilt the family loves.  Time and use causes wear on some fabrics.  The symbol of love rescues the quilt for the family  that loves it.  Recycle and Salvage.

  Moral of this quilt taleSalvage that  family  quilt with love.  It has more adventures to go on!

Quilt tale is from Cecily at Craftopotomus (click here to read her original post and get the details on how she accomplished this salvage).  Thanks so much for allowing me to share your quilt tale.  It's a great story to remember. 
Happy stitching.


Impera_Magna said...

I love that philosophy... and well loved quilts deserve to be saved to they can be loved for many more years!

PS - Voted for your quilt!


Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Wonderful story--amazing how it doesn't require expensive designer fabrics to make a most-cherished and love quilt!

Béa said...

Other subject, i already voted for you yesterday at Quilting Gallery, I waited your post about it..., you are in good place. Good luck my friend, kiss.

MulticoloredPieces said...

You're so right about the motivation for quilting. I've been thinking of adding appliqué to a quilt I made that has some worn spots. One can always make it better!
best, nadia

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