Monday, November 28, 2011

Update and a frame up!

   The last and I believe final batch of doll quilts made by Mrs. Clauses across the country, Canada, and France......they will be delivered this week to the workshop for the elves to match to a doll bed,  stroller or cradle.  I did some quick calculating and figured out that I have quilted enough of these in 3 weeks to equal at least 2 full size quilts!  ;0)  Happy dance, and lots of hugs to all who helped  make this project a huge success in MHO.  Final number, you ask.....83!!  Not one too many, not one less than needed, but exactly the number those elves needed to fill their orders.  Now, doesn't that give you goose bumps?    I can't say thank you enough.

 I have 2 lap quilts ready to quilt for gifts, but I have been looking for something small that I could give everyone as  gift from my hands and heart.
  I ran  across a neat little project at Bejeweledquilts that would make quick gifts for Christmas.  So here's the first attempt at the photo frame.  I used narrow cording instead of ribbon  to hold the photo in place.  I tried a second one, and decided the cording is a plain pain in the neck to get it placed just right. 
    Light bulb moment!!!     How about corners like in a regular old-fashioned photo album?   The first try and I got the corners a little too large,  One more time and I do believe I figured it out.

One the top one I used 2 1/2" squares folded on the diagonal, and the bottom photo of fur-kids---and Deana holding Phoebe--- used 2" squares and worked much better. 

My second change to original pattern is to use interfacing to give the center some support for the photo.  The first one I finished with batting and just a few lines of straight stitches for quilting.  It seemed just a little floppy.  A little interfacing  does make a big improvement. 

Fabric Photo Frame....
  • Measure your photo to be sure of the center size.  I used 4" by 6" photos. 
  • Cut center rectangle fabric the size of photo plus 3/4".  Mine was cut 43/4" by 63/4".
  • Cut medium weight interfacing to photo size.  Mine was cut 4" by 6".
  • Fuse interfacing to the back of the center fabric, centering the interfacing and leaving seam allowance clear on all sides. 
  • Cut strip of fabric 2 1/2" wide by the full width of fabric.  If you are using scraps, piece them together to get 4 sections at least 10 inches long.  ( A great waste not idea!)
  • For the folded corner holders....cut 4 squares at 2".  Press in half on the diagonal. 
  • To the right side of the center square place a folded triangle in each corner matching the raw edges.  Pin in place.  (Note:  The shadow area you see in the above photo is the interfacing on the wrong side of the center rectangle.)  
  •   Place border fabric right side to the right side of the center rectangle.....the corner triangles are sandwiched in between the 2 fabrics.   Stitch together using a 1/4 inch seam.  Press open.  Repeat for all 4 sides.  Press and square up to the size you desire.  Make sure the corners are square.
   Now create your sandwich to quilt and finish off.  I did 2 the regular quilt way and used binding to finish the edges.  A quicker finish is to do the pillow edge finish.  I did a short version to explain this when making the doll's a little more detail.
  •    I make a sandwich of batting on the bottom, the backing fabric right side up, and the front fabric face down.    The batting and backing are cut oversize--about 1 inch or so.  I press all three layers together and pin with a few straight pins. 
  • Then stitch around all 4 sides, leaving a 3 inch opening for turning.  The batting is against the feed dogs, and the front fabric is face up and is my guide------just stitch 1/4" from the edge.  
  •    Then turn the sandwich over and clip away the excess batting....right up to the stitching line.  Keep your scissors flat and against the fabric and cut the batting away.  
  • Then trim the extra backing even with the front fabric. 
  •   Clip the extra fabric from the can get really close.  Now turn the frame right side out....poke out the corners with a turner or chopstick---it works for me. 
  • well.  I use steam and press first from the back, making sure the seam is on the edge and not tucked inside. 
I then also press from the front and make sure the opening is even.  Stitch  along the edge about 1/8"  from edge to close the opening.  Quilt it with a few straight seams.  
Questions...let me know if I wasn't clear.
Here's the group I finished up today.
I love matching the fabric and style to different personalities.....I know the purple one is going to Natalie, and the batik one will go to Justin.....yes, Deana, you can have the Abbey Road fabric one. 
Oh, to hang them up????   A strip of adhesive magnetic tape on the back and they can go on the fridge.  Or just a pushpin and onto the corkboard.  A ribbon loop and they can hang anywhere.  Just a great small gift, stock stuffer idea.
OK, got fabric, need to quilt....happy stitching.
P.S....before I sign off.....please be careful out there on-line.  Run your virus scan daily.  Be careful about opening emails with no subject....and don't click those links in them.  Just a word to the wise. 


Impera_Magna said...

Congratulations on a wildly successful project! You have made Ms Claus look very very good!

Janet O. said...

Yes, I got goosebumps! Wonderful result!!
Very clever photo frame idea.

Mary said...

I am so relieved and pleased that it worked out exactly right! Your photo frames are very clever.

*karendianne. said...

This is so completely superbly cool! Thanks for sharing the info and the great pictures.

Angie said...

I'm so happy for you!!! I must apologize. I got behind---I finally finished this doll quilt...shall I go ahead and mail it to you? It won't offend me if you say 'too late'. :D Thanks so much for the frame tutorial. I will try these for Christmas gifts...Might be able to get a couple made on time. (?) LOL

Lynne said...

Having the exact number shouldn't surprise us, but somehow it always does!! PTL

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