Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mrs. Claus may live near you

It was pouring down rain when I saw the postal truck turn into the driveway.  I sent Sir Old Man to the door when we hear the horn start beeping.  I just had a feeling that something special had arrived. And luckily, the rain stopped, the sun briefly came out, and we did a quick photo shoot!

  From Arizona.....
Mrs. Claus  sent 2 quilts.  Bright and colorful little cuties.  These were made by Wiley, who is a member of the HGTV Message board.  Wiley has been a faithful supporter and makes  many doll quilts each year for us.  I love the farmer on his tractor in the whole cloth one.  The strip pieced one even looks a little bit like a landscape.  Thanks, Wiley, for helping...these are wonderful.

  From Montana.....
Mrs. Claus, aka Bozie on the HGTV Message Board, sent a stack of unbelievable doll quilts.

Each one of these are so special that I want to feature each one for all to see, not only for  her workmanship, but to really enjoy the patterns.

  Puppies from Montana.....Mrs. Claus used 6 different embroidered puppies to create this little one in redwork.  Such a delightful doll quilt.

  A simple checkerboard quilt in the purple and green is anything but simple!  Each block with the heart print is fuzzy cut!

  And just look at the fans.  Using tiny print reproduction fabrics, Mrs. Claus Bozie machine appliqued each one.  Just so adorable.

  The using the same reproduction style fabrics, she created a square in a square star quilt.

   And look at the Bear Paws!  Those are so tiny and perfect!  This little doll quilt is so beautiful.

 Another peek at the fans.....and the wonderful colors of the Card Trick quilt.  Found a favorite yet?  If not, read on, because I think this one is it!

   The Pineapple just is breath-taking!  I really am in total awe of this one.  Although the construction of a pineapple block is quite simple, there are lots of pieces in each section.  The difficult part of its construction is keeping everything squared up.  One side tends to grow larger than the other....ask me how I know.  So I am highly praising this small quilt.  And the colors are wonderful, too.

And one more detail to mention......

  Mrs. Claus added labels to the back of each one.  Such a great finishing detail to set off her beautiful work.

   Every time I open a box or envelope with doll quilts in it, I am humbled.  It swells my heart and lightens my day to know that there are wonderful caring and giving quilters across this great and glorious land we call home.  They share their time and their talents with  those they do not know.  They spread joy and love.  That is the embodiment of the Get your Mrs. Claus on project.  I am thankful for each of you.  And I bet there is a Mrs. Claus that lives near you.  She's the one making small quilts.  Hugs and happy stitching.  


  1. What an absolutely beautiful assortment!

  2. Wow, I'm in awe of the talent. What fun you must have opening these and being surprised by all of the different quilts.

  3. Goodness gracious, what amazing little quilts!

  4. They are beautiful! Such talented, caring people.

  5. Such beautiful quilts came to you for the children. What could be better to brighten a rainy day than to receive boxes of doll quilts.

  6. These quilts are stunning. What wonderful gifts of love.


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