Monday, March 30, 2015

Where my feet may fall

  Ah, Spring!  Time of warmer temperatures, trees leafed out, and flowers in bloom, and garden tours.  When the garden club offered tours of home gardens, we often went.  The variety of styles and settings were a delight and enjoyable  afternoon.

   Formal gardens offer  paths that pass by lush plantings  in rows and borders.  Generally, they will direct your walk to a focal point.  It may be a gazebo, a fountain, or just a bench under a large tree.  Informal gardens are more relaxed, allowing you to wander and freely pick your direction.  Their sense of order are often contained in island beds around a clump of shrubs, or a tree.

   I loved both.  I would find myself stepping off the path, bending under a tree branch to see a hidden clump of iris in bloom.  Or maybe I would spot a nesting bird under a bush.   Passing by a fountain, I would lightly touch the droplets of water on the surface, or just admire the mist that was formed by the spray.
    I would catch sight a cottage garden bed and stop to enjoy the array of finery.   Tightly planted clumps of perennials that have intermingled over time and give a method to the madness  are  the absolute favorite of mine.   No fear in this style of garden, as anything goes.    Maybe you can catch a glimpse of  each style in this recent project, called Where my Feet May Fall.

       I found this project, English Garden,  in a book by the Palouse Patchers.  I selected it for a Let's Book It project. And for once....I almost followed the  I only changed the size of strips to 2" for my version.
 Here's the post where I began.  
A post as it became a here.
On to how I created the blended here.
And finally the here.  

    I was initially attracted by the watercolor border.  All those 2" squares just jumped up and called to me.  Luckily I had a ready stash on hand, so there were plenty from which to chose.   I refer to the "blocks" in the center of the quilt as atypical log cabins.  After piecing the 4 dozen of them that were required, I got the hang of their construction.  I loved the open space of the background area, as it begged me to fill it with feathers.  Although I admit, I was glad to  see them come to an end.....I was feathered out.

  Early morning light while the dew is still covering  the garden greenery provides a perfect time to visit this garden quilt.  The shadows of light and dark in the border mimic the shadows you find at this time of day.


  If you ask how many different floral fabrics I used for the border, my answer would be.....wicked grin and a wink.....I can't count that high!  I must say I just about depleted all the squares I had cut and stashed.  Time to replenish the trays.

 The backing fabric is a black and white print of butterflies.

    Where My Feet May Fall  is 64" by 84".  Labeled, bound, and done!

Let's Book It project.....actually selected and cut in December 2014.  Sewing began in January. ...okay, I take a few months to get these big ones done.   Without the motivation of Let's Book It, I might never have taken this journey into the garden.  Thanks to Sharon at Vrooman's quilts for enabling me!

Linking to Let's Book It.
Check out what other's booked this month!

Happy stitching.....see you next month!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a lovely post for a lovely quilt - this is just stunning!

Mary said...

This is a beautiful quilt with a beautiful label and story. Thanks for sharing your process!

Siver_Angela said...

Очень красиво получилось. Акварель шикарная. А вы из разных коллекций ткани подбираете?

Janet O. said...

Beautiful post, Debbie! And a lovely quilt title!

Jasmine said...

Absolutely beautiful! My favorite parts? The feathers and butterflies.

Helen@Till We Quilt Again said...

Beautiful! The colors, use of scraps and wonder post--Wonderful!

Dana Gaffney said...

That is so pretty with all of that open white for you to play in and make it more beautiful.

Susan said...

Beautiful quilt! Especially the border.

Sheila said...

Beautiful post. AWESOME QUILT!

sosarahsew said...

Beautiful example of watercolor!

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