Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015 Dream Cruise

2015 Ferndale Dream Cruise Official Poster Image   It happens each year in August....Dream Cruise began as a charity fundraiser  in 1994.  Today, it draws over 1.5 million visitors to the area, and thousands of cars!  It is not a static car show, although there are tons of displays and small clusters of car clubs that park and show their machines.  The main draw is the sight and sounds of cars "cruising" up and down the main drag street of Woodward Ave from 9 Mile Road in Ferndale to around 14 Mile Road.

  Woodward Ave. is the original cruising/drag street.  On Friday night we  grabbed a table and chairs under this sign at the ice cream shop to watch some cars.  We were trying to play "Automobile Bingo" as we watched.....but no one could spot an Imperial!

 We did catch sight of this 70s  Olds in a parking lot.....I loved the tag number.  It read "10 MPG".  Isn't that the truth?

  Here they come.  It was Mustang and Chevy night.


 And some from the 40s.  This red one was a beauty with the big wheel skirts and Continental tire kit on the rear end.

 A white Continental---Bingo!----with the suicide doors.  That refers to the front and back doors both opening from the center.
  Note the people sitting on the large median to view the cruising.  The old movie theater is just across the street.

   And a little red Cobra makes the scene too.  A storm rolled in really quickly, so I hope they got this under cover.

  Saturday view......we had lunch at an open air tavern and this was just outside our window!  Sir Old Man says this is a 50s Ford.  I loved the baby blue color.  The styling screams Marilyn Monroe to me....curves and soft round shape!  Apparently, I see personality in cars.  Lol.

   She sits in a striking comparison to a very early auto that passed by.   Compare those wide white wall tires to the spoke wheels.

  A truck too.....the color caught my eye. This is a Chevy.  I like the eyebrows over the headlights......and the "flat top" roof!

   While Sir Old Man visited the Mustang Alley display, I grabbed a seat in the median and enjoyed people/car watching.  I think half of Detroit passed by in an hour!  The most unique vehicle.....a Hearse with carved wooden sides.

Street rods or hot rods.....all shapes, and sizes were there.
I love the flames....they sort of remind me of a quilting motif!

   No car show.....cruising or static is complete without a Thunderbird.  If you remember the movie, American Graffiti, you will recognize this one.   The "mystery blonde" drove around in a "baby Bird" like this one.   It's the two seat version, with smaller fins, and that distinctive style.  Classic!

  OK, a few new ones slipped  in here.
 Check out this grill.......This looks like a "mean" machine to me.

   And lastly, a yellow a tribute to my memories of cruising in Doreen's yellow mustang.   Don't ask how long ago that was, but it was a special time.

  It was a unique experience to see so many vintage cars just cruising along, and everyone enjoying the sights and sounds of the engines.  And Sir Old Man got his fix of oil, and tires, and exhaust!   And that's the report from Motor City........but next year, I want a new Bingo card!

  And now to return to normal life and regular programming.....laundry, groceries, and tomorrow some stitching,  and there's that fabric to cut up.....happy stitching.  

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Dana Gaffney said...

Beautiful! It must have been great to see so many classics all together. I love those old pick ups and that one is a beauty. That Cobra can park in my driveway any time :)

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