Friday, August 14, 2015

A find!

Unbelievable find at an Estate sale yesterday!   Total paid....$20 end of the day price.  It was the last 99K left.....we were told there were 14 Featherwieghts and 4 99Ks in the morning.   It is in such beautiful shape, I can't  imagine what we missed in the morning.
  DD has claimed it....of course!  I will get it oiled and checked out before we leave.

   This morning's hunt was a Barbie gold mine.  I did awesome picking for her.  Actually, the dolls were just lined up on the sofa and I filled my arms with them.

Almost time to go check out some vintage to follow.  


  1. She's a beauty. The 99 Model is one I would love to own.

  2. Wow, that should have been you're first stop, fill your arms with machines instead of Barbies.

  3. What a great find. You did well!

  4. У меня тоже есть машинка Зингер. От бабушки осталась.


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