Monday, August 17, 2015

Barbie finds

  I mentioned the Barbie doll finds at the second estate sale in my last post.  Teresa asked if I would share photos of here we go!

  Sorry for the lack of clothes in this daughter had already "de-clothed"  them and check the bodies for damage.  Lol!  This was the group I found sitting on the sofa in the living room of the estate sale.  I'm not sure of the identification of each one....but there is a Midge in there, a Ken---think you can find him---a swirl pony tail Barbie--on the left end--- and maybe a bubble cut Barbie.  Most of these were priced $3-$5.

  Deana also found a find upstairs on the second floor or attic......two cases (combined here) full of dolls and clothes and accessories.  Not all of the dolls were Barbies....those she sorts out and sells to other collectors.

  Some of the dolls have damaged hands, arms, legs, or necks.  Most are very dirty.....and in need of a bath.  The hair is ratty and tangled.  Outfits are damaged often, missing buttons, or accessory pieces.

  So..... surgery is sometimes required before a trip to the spa/salon.  Deana replaces arms or legs from doll parts that she has accumulated from dolls too damaged to save.  She even has a box of extra heads.

  The salon/spa is the transforming part of the process.   She uses Dawn liquid---works on dolls too!--for washing bodies and hair.  Then comes the styling and combing and arranging the hair just so.

   Oh, yes.....the clothes.   I was always fascinated with the detail on Barbie's outfits and the tiny, tiny accessories she had for each one.

  Deana sorts the clothes.....for washing, repair, or beyond help.  Outfits are washed in Dawn, of course.  She has several excellent reference books that she practically has memorized as to what goes to what outfit......not to mention which outfit goes with which doll.

  She was so excited about this little dress that was in one of the is in almost perfect condition and she did not have the Barbie version.

This is one of her repaired/fixed up dolls.  She used acid free sleeves and boards to hold  the small parts/pieces until the outfit is complete.
  She also stores her extra outfits this way.  The boards/sleeves are from her husband's shop/hobby.....collecting comics.

    So here are examples of what the amazing finds above will look like in a few weeks.  Ken's head will be attached and he will be dressed in a good looking outfit.  And Skipper/Tutti/Barbie will have hair styled and an appropriate spectacular outfit will adorn her.

  So, what does a Barbie doll collection look like that belongs to a designer?   Like a design collection!  I know these are some of her favorite classic outfits on some of her best/favorite dolls.
  Deana found the display case at a garage sale and added the background to show off the dolls.

  One last photo.....a couple of the shelves in the doll room.  There are six long shelves that are filled with dolls in display cases.  She has asked her Dad for 2 more!
   Deana began her obsession with Barbie when she was about 5 years old.  My mom gave her the first one.......and it set her on the road to fashion design.  The rest is history.

  As a disclaimer....all mistakes are mine due to limited knowledge.  If you have questions, I will pass them on to her to answer.  Lol....I am in trouble I know for even saying that!
  It was a fun visit, and a good trip.  I am longing to sleep in my own bed with my own pillow.  Hopefully, I can have enough time to share a few car photos tomorrow.  After all, it was Dream Cruise weekend.    Happy stitching.  


sunny said...

Great post! I still have my Barbie from the mid 60's? I think she was one of the first Twist and Turn Barbies.

Terri said...

What a great collection! Thanks for the look/see.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you for sharing - lovely collections that looks well loved.

Dana Gaffney said...

The display with the six Barbies is from my time, I had some of those outfits and coveted the rest. It's very cool what she's doing, I think Barbie gets a bad rap now.

Karen said...

Interesting post. My daughter was never much interested in Barbie & Ken though I made clothes for the dolls and sold them many, many years ago. She had a big box full of dolls and clothes which the neighbor girls loved to get into.

Mary said...

Deanna is quite the enthusiast. I'm glad you were able to help her collection grow. Somehow I missed out on Barbies, but I had (among others) a Tiny Tears doll and I still have my bride doll.

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Oh my gosh, would I have fun with all those clothes!! I only had one Barbie when I was little but I do remember the time my sister-in-law let us borrow her little sister's collection of clothes (a whole little suitcase!). Oh it was like Christmas!!!

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