Saturday, August 29, 2015

Doll quilt time!

  This week just got away from me, so I apologize to Mrs. Claus for being late with this post.  But as Mrs. Claus is extremely busy right now, I think she will understand :)

From Mrs. Claus of Wisconsin, aka Sister Sue of the Our Circle of Friends, sent along 2 doll quilts.  She used adorable prints for the front and that heavenly purple on the back.  It is a soft flannel and will be enjoyed and cuddled I know.
Thank you, Mrs. Claus.

From Mrs. Claus of Illinois came three doll quilts.  She also is a member of Our Circle of Friends.  Both of these are whole cloth quilts in colors that zing!

Her third quilt is bright and cheery with that purple border I love!  In her note, Mrs. Claus said that a customer at the bank where she works, saw the doll quilts and brought her in a bag of scraps the next day.  How great is that!
Thank you, Mrs. Claus----and I will add a label for you.

From Mrs. Claus of Ohio, aka Malou on the Our Circle of Friends, made this very cute doll quilt.  She used a cute panel print  and framed it with a striped pattern print.  I think it is just adorable.  Her quilt represents the state of Virginia.
  Thank you, Mrs. Claus.

   From Mrs. Claus of NC, a big box arrived!  She is a great supporter of this project.....and a very busy Mrs. Claus.   Opening her box was like Christmas.    The first 3 are cute scrap quilts accented with tiny rosettes!  I enjoy her choice of bright colors in these.

The next group from Mrs. Claus of NC included this group of quilts.....a 4 patch, a hexagon, a split square, and one of bricks!  The variety is just delightful in these.

  Three more from her.....I knew there had to be one with purple!   And if you look close you will see that she used big-stitch quilting by hand on most of these.  I can't decide if the triangles or the coin quilt is my favorite here.

Just a photo of the detail Mrs. Claus of NC, Jo added.  A tiny label and crocheted rosette on the back, along with tiny rosettes on the front.

  The last two are covered in snowflakes....sparkling and beautiful. They lead  me to share part of this Mrs. Claus' email story......
    She recalled memories of her Mom wrapping gifts for kids in the neighborhood, saying they were from Santa.  As a young child she could not understand how gifts arrived unwrapped at her house.   Her mother explained that sometimes Santa needed help from us, and that Santa was someone who loved us.  she ended by saying she quilted these with love and hopes the children will feel the love sent their way.
  Isn't that just perfect!  Her sweet memory explains what this is all about.  A little help and a lot of love shared by quilters, who are a Mrs. Claus.  Thank you all.


Nicki said...

Wonderful, wonderful doll quilts from Mrs. Clause (all around the country). It's that time again & I have a feeling that more little quilts are on their way to you for the little girls. Thanks so much for posting pictures & sharing them with us.

Anonymous said...

Lovely doll quilts. I particularly love the blue snowflake ones, and a heartwarming story from that Mrs. Claus (and her mother).

Teresa F.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I was waiting to enjoy these - all just lovingly made with care and thoughts of making a child's face just light up.

Janet O. said...

Some really sweet quilts. Mrs. Claus is a very busy lady--and she gets around! *LOL*

Auntiepatch said...

I must have come to the party late. Where are the quilts going? Is it too late to contribute?

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