Monday, August 31, 2015

Finished Tool Rolls

  My first post on the tool roll for Sir Old Man is here.
  I finished up the binding and added the ties to the first one.  As I was satisfied with the result, it was on to the next two.  Thanks to some  chain sewing, the assembly went fairly quickly.  The ties were simply folded over and top stitched like tote bag handles.  It is great to have quilting techniques carry over to other types of sewing!

  It wasn't long before Sir Old Man brought up those chisels and began to stuff that roll!  You can see how large the handles are here, and the safety guards on the tips.

   This set of chisels are the super duper, very expensive ones.  To protect the tips  he stores them in PVC pipe cut to length.   To create some ease or fullness to accommodate the PVC sheath, I  added  extra width to the pocket and gathered in the fullness.  I used a French seam instead of binding on the bottom.

  A flap was added to the top to prevent the chisels from slipping out of the tool roll.  Again, I used a French seam on the top.   The binding was only added to the sides.

   Both rolls filled according to size with a little room to spare.....I don't think it will be long before he fills them up.
   The fabrics are heavy canvas and the brown one is the protective layer for which Carhartt is famous.  It is used as the outer layer on firemen's turnouts/protective wear.....that much I know.

   My Janome sewed perfectly through it all.  I was worried that it might not handle the 8 to 10 layers on the binding, but we sewed without a hitch.    I did change my needle when all was done...grin!  I have binding to add to a quilt.

Happy stitching.


Dana Gaffney said...

They turned out really nice, I think you should have made one more since he's filling them so quickly, I have a feeling you'll be asked to make another soon.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Nicely done and they look great. Yes, I agree with Dana - you better make another.

Jasmine said...

Impressive. I always like it when I am blue to use my sewing/quilting skills to help my husband. I'm sure yours will love these.

Janet O. said...

Great job! I'll bet DH is thrilled. My hubby doesn't have such nice tools as these, but I still don't think I will show him this post. I don't want him to go getting any ideas. *LOL*

Nicki said...

What a fantastic job you did on these. They remind me of the Crayola rolls I've made in the past for kids only yours are heavy duty, super duper fine rolls. I like the flap to keep the tools from falling out. If you & your DH are happy with the pattern you better make more because he will be needing/wanting them. :)

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Aw, those are perfect! My dad had a wonderful set of chisels and some other similar tools--tho much older of course. He babied them and kept them in a neat, wooden chest that we were never allowed to touch. On the rare occasion he would actually open it up for us to see, I'm pretty sure the angels sang! LOL. I believe one of my brothers has them all now...don't know that he ever uses them tho. :o(

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