Sunday, August 23, 2015

Follow up on feather wreath

 A couple of weeks ago I showed my attempt at a feather wreath.  That post is here .   I noted that the pencil lines were visible and the gray bobbin thread was poking up in places....but thought a good wash would solve both of those items.

  The table runner got finished and a gentle wash......and yep, the marks are gone.   Of course with a dish or two on it, they would not have been noticed

  With a washing  the dark dots from the bobbin thread also disappeared.  Just enough shrinkage to take care of that.  This also shows that the outer plumes are much larger than the center ones.....practice needed.  But now that I understand how to get the effect, I can work on getting more symmetry and uniform sizes.

  The pattern is  Hot Dish chain variation.  I used a blue fabric for the binding.
The runner is about 48'' long.

 Another view just to show off the brass candle lantern  that Deana got for Sir Old Man.   Isn't that a neat shape?

  Tomorrow I face the dentist to begin the replacement of the cracked crown.  I have multiple reasons for not wanting to do this, the very least being I will be drooling for a few hours afterwards.  It takes a long time for the "shots" to wear off for yes, I am a big baby when you mention dentist.  I have decided to have a great week in spite of tomorrow.  Wish me luck.  Happy stitching. 


  1. Good luck at the dentist tomorrow. I also am a baby when it comes to that sort of thing, but it's well worth the ordeal to be able to maintain a pain free mouth. Your table runner looks great!

  2. I just think it's beautiful, any kind of feathers, perfect or not (and that's in your eyes) is beautiful. I'm sure you'll conquer them too, you're my hero when it comes to free motion. Good luck tomorrow, remember we all drool it's just usually over cookies or donuts, LOL.

  3. Good luck tomorrow my friend. Wish I had beat Dana to that drool comment, lol! Great finish on your table runner.

  4. I hate dentist - good luck. I love you runner and i think the feathers are wonderful.

  5. A lovely finish--and I really like the lamp upon it.
    Oh, hope things aren't too tough at the dentist!!

  6. I had to have two new crowns within the space of 5 weeks (all the old fillings are failing at the same time). The biggest pain is to my budget . Ugh!

  7. Keep smiling girl : (
    Love the runner and if Id done that feathering Id have been truly ecstatic!

  8. Hope the dentist trip turned out o.k. for you yesterday. Your table runner turned out very pretty...something to be proud of. I like to wash my finished projects as that always seems to hide a lot of my imperfections. :)


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