Saturday, August 1, 2015

July wrap-up

  July is a wrap......with some finishes!  That's a good thing.

   The small block Carolina Chain was done in floral fabrics with batik accent squares.  The border was any leftover small pieces framed with a dark batik.  I love the striking effect it created along with the center shimmer.

  The rail fence variation was pieced and bordered...finally.  It's up for quilting next month.

  The other finish is on the bottom row in the center.  This is a bargello done in floral fabrics.  It was a Let's Book It project that has been hanging around for a couple of month.  Quilted in July and finished!

  The other 2 photos are small projects......mug rugs and snack mats.  It was that December holiday in July here.  I had vowed to not wait to the last minute this year, and decided on mug rugs as my "gift" items.  It was good I had a few on hand this past week to share with visiting family as mementos!

   I have two table runners pieced and ready for quilting, also.  And that is all I am committing to for I am sure it will fly by.  I would rather  get more done than planned than to miss the mark.   Time to get Hot Legs oiled up and ready to go to work.    Happy stitching.


  1. A very productive July.
    Had to laugh about the mug rugs. Seems to me that whenever I actually get something made in advance it ends up getting used before the holiday. : )

  2. A wonderfully productive July! I need to make August a month of quilting, too.

  3. Lot's of beautiful color there, the bargello is so beautiful.

  4. A wonderful pictoral list to look back on, and be proud of. So happy to welcome August. Weather-wise, it's my least favorite...but it also means fall isn't too far away, and school starts up which brings some normalcy/schedules to everyone's lives! Not sure what I want to commit to other than slowing down on some things and enjoying more of other things.... How's that?!? I'm so with you on the Christmas gifts. I've found myself thinking down this road for several weeks already. Would love to get started!


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