Thursday, August 6, 2015

Making scraps

   Instead of tossing my scraps---leftover strips, binding, and a few hunks---into the scrap bin last week, I set them aside.  At week's end, this is what I had.....!
  No wonder my scrap bin seems to multiply so fast.  I will sort the 2" strips out and put them into the correct bins.  Anything less than that will be sorted by color for strings.  Some of the hunks will be cut into 2 1/2" squares,  and/or 5" squares.....for a waiting project.   This is not my favorite thing to do.  I think that is why the scrap bin is so full.

   A little more stitching on the table runner.  This is a corner.  It is an awkward shape to fill in.  So once the small feather reached the narrow section, I added a swirl at the top  with an extra outline.  I like the look of this.

   Even though it meant a lot of stops and starts....and hiding tails, I went back and added the swirls around the feather wreaths.  There were 4 narrow sections of light that needed to be filled.  I just did not like them left blank.  It looked unfinished.
   Now there is just the color sections to stitch.  I am going to make that part easy......meandering loops.

   After reading the comments on my last post on feather wreaths,  I had a good giggle on me.  Here I was struggling with the wreaths and everyone else was using a stencil!   Yep, that sounds about right.....I was always the one who did things the hard way.   Or at least known to wander off on my on.
  Anyway, if you plan on trying feather wreaths, I do suggest you practice first with paper and pencil.   I finally realized it takes less plumes to fill the center.  If I try this again I will lightly pencil in the center plumes to get better spacing.   Of course, a stencil does that for    Happy stitching.  


  1. Oh, I like the swirls, it adds a little whimsy and fills the spaces so nice. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who "cheats" with stencils, LOL.

  2. Your little swirl embellishment is a wonderful solution to that award space.

  3. But that small pile of scraps is much easier to contend with than a whole bin - and now you are more apt to use them. Love the little swirls for a filler.

  4. Hmm, I think if I'd ever get the darned thing mastered, it really would be easier (and less stressful!) than trying to follow a stencil. And yours look great! Besides, stencil-free is YOUR work, not someone else's. Not that there's anything wrong with "cheating", it's just that going your own is something to be a little more proud of. :o)

  5. And btw, I'm pinning these corner feathers!

  6. Really love the swirl topped feathers!
    Wish I didn't need the stencil--you will master the process and I will always be stuck with the training wheel method. : )

  7. What a good idea dealing to your scraps as you finish up a project - right away. I spent days and days going through two large bins of scraps for sort in - never again! I love what you have done with the corner feather.

  8. Love the swirls with the feathers! You girls are so good-I'm happy getting the scraps in a bin- somewhat by color or if a batik or not let alone cutting into sizes! lol

  9. I too love those swirls at the top of the feather, fits right in there nicely!


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