Tuesday, August 4, 2015


 This post is just thoughts I need to put down into words.

  I get several emails each week that touch my heart in different ways.  When I am anxious, or burdened about something, along comes a note in my inbox that encourages me.  It may just be a follower checking up on me.  Several times I have been beset with doubts about what I do here on the blog, in the sewing room, or life in general.  Again, a note arrives that lifts my spirit, makes my day, and lets me know that all of this does make a difference to someone, somewhere.
  I save those notes.   Because each one represents a connection to another quilter that has gained something through my effort.  Each one is a treasure to me.  I gain strength from them.   I gain focus and inspiration.

  And then there are emails that touch me in a different way.  They are the ones that choke me up and bring tears.  They take me to my knees in prayer.

   About 6 weeks ago, Mrs. Claus in Nebraska sent me a note that she probably would not get to finish up her final 2 quilts.  Would I complete them?    Her cancer monster had returned with a vengeance.  She had made the decision to discontinue the chemo treatments.
   Today, her note was to let me know the last quilts are in the mail.  She struggled to get them in the mail and to send a note as she is unable to be up more than an hour at a time.
   I am thankful that she is not in any pain, yet praying for healing mercy.   I am so thankful I got to know her as a devoted Mrs. Claus for the last few years, yet not wanting to let go.  I admire her......the strength it takes to go through this situation, to make the painful decision,  and face what is to come.    Prayers and hugs to Mrs. Claus in Nebraska.

   Life is relationships......like fabric and thread.  People come together in different ways and form bonds.....like a quilt pattern.   The importance of our life is not what we look like, or what we have, or how good we are at something.  It is the relationships we build with  others.  It is the sharing.......giving of ourselves to improve their life.    And the profound effect is how much we gain in the process.   Mrs. Claus, you have taught me much.  Thank you.  


  1. How lovely a thought. I will pray for Mrs. Claus too.

  2. I believe I know this Mrs. Claus and she has touched my life in so many ways and on so many levels. Lovely post, Debbie!

  3. Prayers and gentle thoughts for Mrs Claus

  4. Prayers for Mrs. Claus, and just a reminder to all of us that no man (or quilter) is an island ... What a beautiful sisterhood we share.

  5. Very touching post. Prayers for Mrs. Claus.

  6. Inspirational, Debbie. And who said that sharing news in a slow letter is the best way to communicate? Through the Internet many lives are connected and touched even if we don't meet personally. Take heart, Mrs. Nebraska Claus, we love you...

  7. Never doubt yourself, you have helped and taught so many of us and every post with your beautiful quilts brings inspiration. I have tears for Mrs. Claus, it's so sad to lose another person who tries to make the world a little nicer, I wish her peace and the strength she needs.

  8. Blessings on you and Mrs. Claus!

  9. What a web we all weave. Sending prayers.

  10. How wonderful that those last two quilts got finished by her.
    They may yet hold the most love in their folds.
    Sending you wishes of warmth and Mrs Claus much respect, that's a harsh and brave decision she has made.
    I wish her a kind and easy path.


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