Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Last doll quilts

Even though the doll quilt project has been placed on hold for now, 2 more boxes of doll quilts came last week.  Mrs. Claus is ageless and tireless.

   A large group came from Mrs. Claus in California.
 Mrs. Claus is Jan and she apparently has a very willing helper....her granddaughter.  Together they made 10 doll quilts, and her granddaughter experimented with machine quilting to finish these up.

  Lots of wonderful color.....and I think the quilting is great!   She will be ready to tackle new patterns soon.

Cute prints for these two.

  More cute prints and a clever idea.  The little quilt on the left that appears to be a striped fabric has vertical rows of  eyelet sewn over the strips.  Very clever and so cute.

Thank you, Mrs. Claus.

   The next duo is from the Southwest.  Mrs. Claus from New Mexico is/are Ellen and Kathy.
  Three little quilts made from "crumbs"......I bet they laughed and giggled their way through a sewing session when making them.

  Isn't this one adorable?  Their note said they were sending southwestern love and it is expressed so well in this little doll of a doll quilt.  It just makes me smile and will surely be enjoyed by a little girl soon.

  The last two are  a pair of cool blue ones with bright yellow flowers appliqued on.
  A wonderful collection from the Southwest.  Thank you, Mrs. Claus, Ellen and Kathy.

    I have so enjoyed showing all the great creations from the Mrs. Claus participants.  I hope you gained some inspiration  along the way.   The woodworkers have made no final decision and are still seeking a volunteer to lead the program for the next year.   I am asking that you hold off making or sending any more quilts at this time, as we are covered for this year and have some for next year.  Instead, please check around your local community for a need and share your love in fabric with them.  That way, Mrs. Claus can keep on stitching.   Big hugs to all....thank you.  


Mary said...

What a neat assortment. This has been such a wonderful opportunity to share. I hope someone is up for the challenge of taking it on so it can continue.

sunny said...

I have 10 doll quilts that I was planning to send later this week. If you hear of any other group that can use them, please share here! I've really enjoyed making the small quilts.

Nicki said...

What beautiful little quilts. Jan's granddaughter did a fantastic job on those sweet, sweet quilts. I love it when young children get involved in charity work. It looks like there is another up & coming quilter in Jan's family. Ellen & Kathy's quilts are so much fun & I love the little prairie point border around the Southwestern one....how unique! Thanks to everyone for the great participation in this project that you took on.

Janet O. said...

So many generous quilters!

Dana Gaffney said...

So bright and pretty, it's wonderful to see a young one joining in. She's learning to quilt and getting a taste of volunteering which we all know is addicting.

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