Saturday, October 24, 2015

The other project

 Birds in the Air units of triangles are beginning to stack up.   They are triangle units for that other project I am working on...since June/July.  Here's the post where I began.  I haven't been working on them steadily.....just when I want to switch up  my stitching.
Sew some triangles, square up, press, and then assemble smaller units.

  This morning I noticed a few had taken wing and flown up to the design wall.   Lol......very random nesting layout.  Looks like I need to sew up some more smaller units.  So I won't make any judgement calls just yet.

  I am using purples, and greens, and blues....just to see how it goes. I needed to free up some space in the small piece bins.  Anything in that color range that was large enough got chopped into 5'' and 3'' squares for the units.
Otherwise, I was very lazy today.....I am blaming the weather change on that.  Not to mention the major event that occurs next weekend.  You know the one that happens twice a year and throws my mind for a loop.....spring forward, or fall back.   Maybe I will don a bear costume and sleep 6 months.  Or else I will hibernate in the sewing room.  Come to think of it, that sounds like a great idea.  
  Happy stitching.  


  1. Great idea for yet another scrappy quilt! Your scraps are amazingly beautiful and so coordinated they hardly look like they came from a scrap bin!

  2. What a fun design for a scrap quilt--I love your controlled color palette. Those cool, soothing colors are always a welcome combination.

  3. Me encanto la magia que tienen todos tus trabajos, gracias por mostrarlos

  4. Ugh--spring forward fall back, pick one and stay with it.

  5. I love those colors. Please take pictures of yourself in the bear costume :)


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