Friday, March 10, 2017

No reason

  I added a few more of the colorwash blocks to my design wall.  Not that they will stay in this arrangement,  I am enjoying the view right now.   And I am beginning to do the sewing of the fused units.  That way I will have a better perspective and reality  of the size.

  Yesterday I worked on the bargello piece and added a couple of borders.  The borders really altered the feeling of the piece.  No photos.....keeping you in suspense.  Lol.

   No reason....just because, he said!  Sir Old Man knows I am battling and struggling with the weekly B-12 doses.  I am feeling stronger and better with the shots more often.  I am riding the stationary bike....right now I am doing 3 miles.  I will move up the 4 miles next week, I hope.    My vision seems more stable too.

  One of the  draw backs is the hot flash.  At least that is what I call them.....they are more like an oven roasting event.   More overwhelming than anything I ever experienced.   The other thing I battle is the brain fog......It can come on suddenly and stay for a while or disappear just as quickly.  While putting on the borders to the bargello, it hit and I could not figure out which strip went where.....I could not remember how to attach the border.   It was time for a nap to let the fog dissipate.
    Yesterday I caught the lesson on  Handi Quilter Live featuring Helen Godden from Australia.  She is a free motion instructor for HQ.  She did a few how to do a faux buttonhole applique stitch with the HQ16!
Great tips too.  They usually do a live session once a month.
  A gentle reminder to me.....time changes on Saturday.  At least no one around here has been making statements to confuse me :)  Happy stitching.  


  1. Your colorwash blocks are lovely. The view is only rivaled by the flowers. Enjoy!

  2. Sir Old Man is definitely a Keeper! I am glad you are feeling better although the journey is slow and not always fun. Enjoy today. ~Jeanne

  3. Beautiful colorwash and beautiful flowers for a beautiful person. Keep the joy

  4. The colorwash blocks are so pretty and soothing.
    And what a gorgeous combo of colors in that bouquet.
    I am applauding you for your efforts on the exercise bike. Can you hear from there? : )
    You are so tenacious in doing all you can, and I am proud of you!
    I watched the same webinar. I always tune in to the ones that have to do with sit down quilting. Their TNT webinar is packed with good info, too (about thread, needles and tension).

  5. Great colorwash blocks. Goodness knows it is not easy for me to arrange them.
    Keep persevering in your treatment- look how far you have come!
    Due to migraines, I know all about brain fog. When I can't add double digit numbers, I know I am in trouble. Thankfully, I have way less migraines since the TMJ treatment, but I had one Monday and was clueless the rest of the day.

  6. Just because flowers are the very best kind. Hang in there, you've come so far you really are an inspiration to live life fully regardless of what we might want to wait for to make it the 'right' time.

  7. I love the fact that the flowers mimic the colorwash blocks.

  8. My hubby used to come home with flowers, just because, too. It's been a few years now. Hopefully the 'side effects' will start to go away soon. Of course, with our age, those hot flashes might stick around a while (thank goodness I've not had to deal with them....yet).

  9. Those flowers are so pretty. Debbie, I'm so sorry you've had such a difficult time these past several months! I've been away from blogging and missed what happened, but it seems that it's been a good 8 months or so? I'm glad you're doing better. I can relate to some of the struggles you describe, due to all kinds of weird Lupus manifestations, and the "oven" flashes - oh my, they ARE crazy sometimes, aren't they? They sure can just roll right down through you and overwhelm everything so much that you want to just rip all your clothes off regardless of the 32 degree temp!! lol

  10. I really like the layout you have going right now, it looks like storms and sunshine to me, kind of like what you've been going though :)

  11. Whew, those hot flashes are no fun! It helps me if I can step outside into cooler air for a moment. The cooler the air, the shorter the moment :) I really hope the brain fogging goes away soon, that sounds really hard to deal with, too. I'm glad to see that your creativity and sense of beauty are still going strong, though!

  12. I just love your colour washes - they are on my list of quilts to do one day. I am particularly liking the blocks you have done, will be watching them. As for your brain fog, don't feel too bad, the other day I was sewing on my older machine and could not for the life of me remember how to put the bobbin in - it took until somebody picked up the bobbin holder and gave it to me that I remembered. I knew something had to click into place, but had no idea what it was.


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