Thursday, March 16, 2017

Stitching time

  I got some stitching time in today.
 I finished off the free motion quilting on the bargello top.   Large meandering in the center section---nothing shows too much on all those floral prints----and swirls in the border to finish it up.
  Then I turned to the design wall.

   I wanted to show how much the size reduces on the water color projects when the seams are sewn.  On the far right are the "fused to interfacing" units starting off at 14''.  The smaller four units have the vertical and horizontal seams sewn.  They measure 10 1/2'' now.  In case you are wondering ....sewn units are 75% of the original size.    They sew up fast and easy, and I am doing leader and ender 4 patches between rows.


  And a thank you to Susan, aka "Sarge".  She claims to have been carrying this zippered bag around for 3 months.  She made this for me for Christmas.  Isn't it a beauty!  I love, love, love the red and she did a great job on the zipper too.  I know that was a labor of love because she doesn't have a sewing background.  Boy, she has come a long way, baby.  Thanks, Sarge.....hugs.

  Haven't gotten a lot accomplished.....cold weather and low pressure systems wreck havoc on nerves and joints.  But tomorrow will be warmer, and I plan to work on the binding for the bargello.  Happy stitching.    


Dana Gaffney said...

I know they're going to shrink but actually seeing it... Wow! Stitching them together makes them blend better and they look even more beautiful. I'm sitting here shivering so I can relate to not getting much done, I think the only quilt today may be the one I'm under. :)

Linda Swanekamp said...

Thanks for explaining it. I have had intense pain in my neck and shoulders since Monday. And since Monday, we have received more snow than Jan. and Feb. combined. And temps in the teens. Even had a migraine. I am typing this in pain. I did not connect it with the weather.
Love the colorwashes a whole lot!

Gene Black said...

The bargello looks great. Yes those seam allowances do eat up some of the size on those watercolor pieces. I have done one that was not great. LOL
We are having a cold snap here. After days in the 70s we are now lucky to see 45 and early this morning the temp was 19 -which is very cold for Alabama in March. My sinuses and joints are certainly feeling it also.

Quilting Babcia said...

It's always interesting to see how the quilt continues to shrink with every step of the process. Besides the pressure and temperature changes, the lack of humidity on these cold days can wreak havoc with our systems. I've had headaches for several days, discovered yesterday the humidity in the house is right around 30%, way lower than we expected. We need to remember lots of water!

Janet O. said...

I can't believe you finished the quilting on the bargello and only showed us a peek!!
Those blocks shrink just like mini quilts, because basically each of those blocks could be a mini quilt, right? I enjoy watching the shrinking process as I stitch.
I hope you can feel better tomorrow!

Lynette said...

I'm always mesmerized by such things as sewing-up shrinkage. :) Kudos on getting that FMQ finished! Hey, Debbie, what do you use as the foundation for the blocks? Do you draw grids on any particular fusible "stuff", or is it a ready-to-go product of some kind?

Nicki said...

I never did a close before/after look at my blocks so I never realized how much they actually shrink because of seams. WOW, that was an eye-opener for me. The little red zippered bag is really lovely. I love the red fabric she used. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

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