Monday, March 27, 2017

Bargello questions

    Emails and questions about the bargello quilts I have done came in over the weekend.  Everyone asked for the pattern.....I can only give you the book for the technique, you must plan for yourself.
    I refer to them as bargello, but truthfully my projects are more of a "bargello-style".   The most recent one, Lavender Scents, is done  in the matched bargello technique, but the previous ones employed the technique Eleanor Burns teaches in Quilt Trip Quilts.    Find the book on her site, or Amazon, or if you are lucky in a used book shop.  I did!

    Her technique uses a dropped square so that you do not match every seam.  I have done several Trip Around the World quilts this way.    You still end up with the staggered effect of a traditional TAW quilt.

 And like the commercials say...."But wait there is more."

Toward the back of the book  in the gallery of quilts are luscious  quarter trip quilts.  They inspired me to experiment with blending some fabrics for a waterfall background.
  Evening Serenade is from 2010, and is the same technique, only it is  a quarter of a TAW.  This is Eleanor's quick trip!  This was so successful I went on to make a few and even one for a wedding gift.

 So here's a collage of bargello and bargello-style quilts.

  Top, left is the wedding gift quilt....quick quarter trip.
  Top, right.....Catching the Light from 2015, florals, quick quarter trip.
  Bottom, left.....Lavender Scents.....matched bargello in florals.
  Bottom center.....Just Go with the Flow....blended, quick quarter trip.
  Bottom, right.....Shenandoah Colors.....from 2009, king size, quick quarter trip.

  It's fun to look back and compare similar quilts and styles.
What have I learned -----

  •  My natural inclination is from left to right :)
  • Deciding on the color way is the first step, and the hardest.  
  • Be sure to make a color card chart like the book says!
  • The narrowest sub-cuts I like are 1 1/4''.  The narrower the strips are cut, the faster the pattern drops when sewn back together.
  • My favorite border is the mix leftovers on Go with the Flow.
  •  I love the  technique of Eleanor Burns.....faster and less matching, and less chance for me to make a big mess.   

    After the dental adventure last week, I now seem to have developed an infection with swollen face, sore teeth, etc.  Sir Old man tracked our dentist down---he was at Comi-Con---and got antibiotic ordered in.  Hopefully, that will work and clear me up by the end of the week.   Dr. Scott called at 8 am this morning to check on me....I have to give him daily reports this week.  Such is my life :)
Happy stitching.


Mary said...

Beautiful parade of quilts. I sure hope your dental problems clear up quickly.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Ordered the book on Amazon now. I made a heart bargello, queen size for my bed about 5 years ago. It was a bear, I gave away the book. But I think I could do one like you pictured. I love lots of fabrics in a quilt, so here it goes. I am surprised that you did not get antibiotics before you had all that dental work. When people's immune systems are so stressed, they usually do. I still adore Lavender Scents

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh real bad luck about the infection!! Hoping it settles down quickly with the antibiotics. Lovely collage of your bargello quilts, I haven't seen one like Just Go With The Flow before, very interesting indeed.

Quilting Babcia said...

I do hope your infection clears up very soon. Beautiful quilts, I've always loved the bargello type quilts, but probably will never get around to making one - too many others on the waiting list.

Janet O. said...

Oh, I have that book! Still haven't made anything from it, but I like what is in it. : )
So sorry about the dental problems. Hard to focus on anything when your mouth hurts! Will be praying for you!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I loved seeing all of your bargello type quilts. All of the ones I made were before digital cameras and I only have hold-in-your-hand photos of 2. I like the same border that you do.

Dana Gaffney said...

Oh No! Are you going back in so he can see what the infection is? I love that your dentist goes to Comic Con, but hate that he was there and not available, LOL.

Gene Black said...

When I get several things "caught up" I want to make a bargello this way. I know the basic technique, but only trying a whole quilt will show if I can do it. :)
I am glad you got the antibiotic.
I am in agreement on the favorite - but I also like the one above it on the left.

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